A partnership that delivers great customer experiences

Developing a strong partnership and cooperation with ERP and TMS vendors, as well as other companies offering third party services is a key priority for Nordea. By building close relationships with vendors, we can deliver great customer experiences meaning a win-win-win situation for customers, vendors and Nordea. 

This resource page is designed to provide ERP vendors and IT staff with the tools necessary to support the implementation and use of Nordea solutions, including Corporate Access our single point-of-entry solution covering File Transfer and Payables for out-going payments in XML format.  

Below you will find information such as implementation guides, examples files and wrappers and a test tool.  

Reliable support and strong communication 

If you need personal support or have any questions, please contact our support teams. Regarding local solutions, please contact our local support teams. For queries regarding Corporate Access, email us at erpsupport [at]  

Corporate Access and ERP Vendor Readiness Form

When you as a vendor have tested and implemented integration from your system to Nordea’s Corporate Access we encourage all vendors to fill in the form below, so customers can see that your system is ready for Corporate Access. Thanks in advance! 

The information will be published on Nordea’s Solution site for Corporate Access on a regular basis.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

Visit the Corporate Access page to see the list of systems/vendors who have implemented Corporate Access.

Have you implemented and tested ISO20022XML payments for Corporate Access to be used for customers with accounts in:
Have you implemented and tested any of the Account Reporting services for Corporate Access to be used for customers:
Have you implemented and tested Secure Envelope?
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