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A partnership that delivers great customer experiences

Developing a strong partnership and cooperation with ERP and TMS vendors, as well as other companies offering third party services is a key priority for Nordea. By building close relationships with vendors, we can deliver great customer experiences meaning a win-win-win situation for customers, vendors and Nordea. 

This resource page is designed to provide ERP vendors and IT staff with the tools necessary to support the implementation and use of Nordea solutions, including Corporate Access our single point-of-entry solution covering File Transfer and Payables for out-going payments in XML format.  

Below you will find information such as implementation guides, examples files and wrappers and a test tool.  

Reliable support and strong communication 

If you need personal support or have any questions, please contact our support teams. Regarding local solutions, please contact our local support teams. For queries regarding Corporate Access, email us at erpsupport [at] nordea.com.  

Technical implementation of Corporate Access

This resource area is designed to provide ERP vendors and IT staff with the necessary information and tools to support the implementation and use of Corporate Access. Corporate Access is a single point-of-entry solution covering File Transfer and Payables for out-going payments in XML format. It provides a uniform file interface covering all relevant types of domestic and cross-border transfers. Below you will find information such as implementation guides, examples files and Secure Envelope and a test tool. 

Important notification – latest news

Updated Message Implementation Guides (MIG) for Corporate Access Account Reporting services i.e. Account Statement Standard (camt.053.001.02, version 1.5), Account Statement Extended (camt.053.001.02, version 1,3) and Credit Notification (camt.054.001.02, version 1.5) are available. The MIGs cover all Nordic countries, i.e. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Appropriate “Change documents” explaining changes in the above Messages is also available.

These upgrades may require changes or adjustments in ERP systems. Please read the change documents in "Format and Implementation" below for further details.

These documents provide detailed information about the technical descriptions of Corporate Access services:

Corporate Access File Transfer

Corporate Access File Transfer provides a broad selection of communication methods to support your need for automated transmission of files, offering integration with the following channels: 

Corporate Access Payables

This document provides an in-depth understanding of how Corporate Access Payables may be set-up and which possibilities the service may offer companies for integrating its account payables:

See each country-specific appendix for a comprehensive guide on how payments are processed and used: 

Corporate Access Account Reporting

Corporate Access File Transfer Version Comments
Secure Envelope specification (pdf, 673 KB) (Description of file interface format and Secure Envelope with instructions on how to complete all fields and elements) 1.5  
Certificate Management (pdf, 150 KB) 1.0  
Nordea’s public key with issuer certificate (zip, 1 KB) (Used for digital signing of the Secure Envelope of files returned from Nordea, and SOAP messages in Web Services returned from Nordea)   Valid from 8 Sep 2020 to 25 June 2022



Corporate Access test tool


Example certificate to use:

Corporate Access test certificate 

SignerID: 5780860238 


Demo certificate (zip, 2 KB)


Example files and envelopes:


Schema for Secure Envelope:


Standard ISO20022 XML Schemas:

Nordea’s Corporate Access service follows the standard ISO20022 XML schemas for all its files. The standard XML schemas can be found by using this external link to www.iso20022.org. 


Web Services Protocol

Corporate Access identifies customers with a certificate which companies can retrieve from the bank with their bank connection software. The software will send a request for a certificate, to which it attaches the name, Signer ID and country code of the customer stated in the agreement. The request is secured with an activation code received via an SMS message delivered to the mobile phone number of the administrator specified in the agreement.

If your bank connection software does not have a feature for downloading the certificate, you can also download the Nordea Security Client (NSC) below. Once downloaded you can start the client and fill in and send a certificate request with the above-mentioned data. When you receive the certificate, you have to create a password to protect it if you want to export it directly for the use of the bank connection software, otherwise it will be stored locally on the windows certificate store.

  1. Download of Nordea Security Client 

  1. Nordea Security Client - User Guide (pdf, 740 KB)

  1. How to export a certificate to a PSKC #12 file (pdf, 660 KB)

Technical implementation of SEPA Direct Debit Service

This resource area is designed to provide ERP vendors and IT staff with the necessary information and tools to support the implementation and use of SEPA Direct Debit Service.

Below you will find information such as service description, implementation guide and test tool.

If you did not have the chance to attend our webinars, you can view the recordings and material here:

New Corporate Access Account Reporting Services - 23 January 2020 
The webinar talks about Nordea's new CAAR services which could help you with the integration towards your ERP, TMS or accounting systems.  


If you would like to get more information regarding webinars for ERP & TMS vendors, or if you would like to see on-demand recorded webinars, you can reach out to the ERP team at erpsupport [at] nordea.com.

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Privacy notice 

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Newsletter archive

Corporate Access and ERP Vendor Readiness Form

When you as a vendor have tested and implemented integration from your system to Nordea’s Corporate Access we encourage all vendors to fill in the form below, so customers can see that your system is ready for Corporate Access. Thanks in advance! 

The information will be published on Nordea’s Solution site for Corporate Access on a regular basis.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

Visit the Corporate Access page to see the list of systems/vendors who have implemented Corporate Access.

Have you implemented and tested ISO20022XML payments for Corporate Access to be used for customers with accounts in:
Have you implemented and tested any of the Account Reporting services for Corporate Access to be used for customers:
Have you implemented and tested Secure Envelope?