One point of entry to the Nordic region 

By choosing Nordea as your cash management partner, you get access to a vast and comprehensive network of experts, not only in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden but also in other countries around the world. Our extensive knowledge and experience offers you versatile cash management services suited to your needs. 


Technical support

This will give you information and support regarding authentication methods.

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User administration

Corporate Netbank Administration is a tool used to create and maintain users and their power of attorney in Corporate Netbank.

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Accounts & Cash Pool

This will give you information and support regarding account management.

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Payment support

This will give you information and support regarding payments.

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Online training

Welcome to Nordeas Cash Management e-learning portal.

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The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an account format used in most European countries, but also in many countries outside Europe.

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Information on Cut-off times

The cut-off time is the latest time where Nordea accepts and effects payment orders to and    from customers.

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This resource page is designed to provide ERP and TMS vendors and IT staff with the tools necessary to support the implementation and use of Nordea solutions.

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Open Banking APIs

Check out the resources on Nordea API Market to get started with our APIs.

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Service status

On section you can see how the Cash Management services are running. If they are not working as they should be, we will inform you via this page. We will publish information between 08.00 and 16.00 CET about the following services:

  • Domestic Payments
  • Cross border Payments
  • SEPA Payments
  • Account Statements
  • Global and Local Cash Pools
  • Corporate Access 
  • eGateway
  • Corporate File Payments (Sweden)

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All services are up and running.


Corporate Netbank provides easy and secure access to a wide variety of banking services.

For more information our products and services, or how we can support your business, please contact your Nordea adviser.