Cash Pooling

Optimise accounts, liquidity and forecasting

Cash Pooling can benefit companies of all sizes regardless of how many accounts. The optimal setup will depend on your liquidity objectives and company structure. Nordea can offer domestic and cross-border pools in single or multiple currencies. 

Benefits of Cash Pooling

  • Immediate access to group liquidity
  • Minimised external short-term financing
  • Improved net interest
  • Complete online visibility
  • Reduced balance sheet and minimised FX risk
  • Support Inhouse bank

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Your companies needs will set the basis for you cash pool design. Nordea’s Cash pools are flexible and can be adjusted your accounting structure and principles for you to get rid of your pain points. Good questions to prepare from:  

  • What are your Corporate objectives?  

  • What scope of my company should be included? 

  • Which currencies and accounts geography should be included? 

  • Where do I today have issues with access to and overview of available cash?

  • Do you consider running Inhouse banking?

Global Cash Pool is a balance netting solution that provides access to group liquidity through a real-time, cross-border, multi-currency structure. It supports in-house banking models and can be combined with zero balancing if desired.

Benefits of Global Cash Pool

  • Bank account simplification: replace multiple credit facilities with one, minimising your cost of credit. 
  • Custom-made structure: Global Cash Pool can be tailored to your specific requirements. 
  • Real-time liquidity overview: The balance of the pool is updated in real-time, allowing you to use your fund for transactions instantly. 
  • Continuous and complete visibility: the full structure of a Global Cash Pool is available for online viewing through Nordea's Corporate Netbank.

Domestic Cash Pool (Group Accounts) is a balance netting solution, in which all accounts are based in the same country.

Benefits of Domestic Cash Pool

  • Reduces the need for external financing 
  • Optimises the group's balance sheet
  • Gives a total overview of the group's liquidity

Customer story: Building a great future together with H+H

After the construction company H+H switched bank for the first time in 110 years to join Nordea, the implementation of a new global cash pool has given the company direct access to all of their liquidity in one place.

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