Corporate Access

Corporate Access is a single point of entry solution to your end-to-end payment process. It allows you to create file-based payments, to access information about incoming and outgoing payments, and to receive your account statements; enabling automated reconciliation. 

Banking made invisible

Through our integration you can connect your business systems to Nordea, allowing seamlessly synced transactions and balances. In addition, we provide you with a range of standardised reports that fit your specific needs and improve your reconciliation.

Your day-to-day financial processes faster and easier

Capacity and harmonization: Corporate Access has the proven ability to handle high transaction volumes across various payment types in one file format. 

Increased security: The integration between your system and Nordea provides high level of automation and system controlled user rights, reducing fraud, human errors and risks. 

SEPA compliant: Corporate Access uses the international XML standard ISO20022, Common Global Implementation compliant format which meets all legal requirements in compliance with SEPA for euro payments. 

Corporate Access consists of three main services

Corporate Access File Transfer: offers you a secured host-to-host connection for file exchange to and from Nordea, and an integration to several business system providers.

Corporate Access Payables: enables you to standardise all payments to one single format, supporting all payment types in the Nordics.

Corporate Access Account Reporting: enables you to increase automation in the reconciliation process of your accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger.


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