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Photo: Anna Betlehem/Nordea

Welcome to the exhibition!

Taide muuttuvassa maassa (Art in a Changing Land) – the Collection of Nordea Art Foundation Finland at the Didrichsen Art Museum from 10 February until 26 May 2024. The exhibition brings some works from the Art Foundation’s collection to the wider public. These have only been displayed at the Old Banking Hall on Aleksanterinkatu in Helsinki and in joint exhibitions by the Association of Finnish Fine Arts Foundations. A representative selection of artworks from the beginning of 19th century to the turn of the 2000s has been chosen for the exhibition at Didrichsen.

These include the following works: The Lament of the Boat (Purren valitus, 1907) and C. G. E. Mannerheim (1929) by Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Silence (Hiljaisuus, 1907) by Helene Schjerfbeck. The abundant selection of modern art in the collection of the Art Foundation is represented by works such as Window (Ikkuna, 1944) by Sam Vanni, Three Cactus Flowers (Kolme kaktuskukkaa, 1950s) by Rut Bryk, Dialogue (Dialogi, 1967) by Juhana Blomstedt and Snake Flower (Käärmekukka,1986) by Leena Luostarinen. These works serve as a window into Finland’s history, reflecting the popular outlook of their era and the changing ideas of the nation.

The exhibition reflects the relationship between banks and art – subjects and artists – and shows individual artworks in their historical connection. Although the collection includes many different kinds of art, certain trends and common features can be discerned. The artworks showcase the Finnish landscape and people, the modern movement of the early 20th century and the strong influence of abstract art since the 1950s. The artworks have mostly been commissioned to be displayed in public premises, which placed some limits on the subjects portrayed.

Nordea Art Foundation has created two video presentations for the exhibition, one of the old bank building designed by Gustaf Nyström and built in 1898 on Aleksanterinkatu in Helsinki and the other of the portrait of C. G. E. Mannerheim by Gallen-Kallela.

The exhibition is curated by the Didrichsen Art Museum and Anu Kehusmaa, Director of Nordea Art Foundation Finland.

Nordea will offer its customers a discount of 2 euros for the exhibition entry fee when they pay with a Nordea card.

The exhibition will run from 10 February to 26 May 2024. Read more about the Didrichsen Art Museum: https://www.didrichsenmuseum.fi/.



Old Banking Hall Exhibition

Nordea Art Foundation has a permanent exhibition of its own works in Helsinki. The collection’s classics of Finnish art are displayed in the unique interior of the Old Banking Hall in Aleksanterinkatu 36B. The exhibition is changed annually.

The foundation offers guided tours by advance reservation. Tours can be arranged from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. On Friday the last starting time is 3 pm. The house is closed during weekends and public holidays.

  • Price of the guided tour (~1 hour): 28 € / person, minimum charge 300 € / group. The tour will be invoiced after the visit.
  • Group size: 1-25 (max 50 if bank museum tour is included. Groups over 25 ppl. will be divided half)
  • Languages offered: Finnish, Swedish and English
  • Museum card (Museokortti) or Smartum notes are not valid

NB: Due to historical character of the building, there is no obstacle free access.

Tour bookings:

Nordea Art Foundation Finland’s group visit reservations are managed by ISS Palvelut Ltd.

Tel: +358 20 5156100 (weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm)  8,35 cents/call +16,69 cents/minute (VAT 24%)

Email: opastusvaraukset @ fi.issworld.com

When contacting, please inform: group size, desired date and time of the visit and invoicing address.

Exhibitions featuring art works from the collection of Nordea Art Foundation

Ateneum Art Museum: Colour & Light – The Legacy of Impressionism 25.9.2023-25.2.2024

The exhibition introduces Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist art from the period 1860-1916. From the collection of Nordea Art Foundation are on display Santeri Salokivi, Girls on the Shore (1916) and Ellen Thesleff, Human Figures in Nature (1911).

Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin: Self-Determination - A Global Perspective 30.11.2023-21.4.2024

This exhibition brings together a range of Irish and international works, both modern and contemporary, that illuminate the shared experiences of the new states. From the collection of Nordea Art Foundation are on display Pekka Halonen, Log Driver (1930) and Antti Favén, Midsummer Dance (1911).

Villa Gyllenberg: Schjerfbeck & Fashion – Art and Costume History 1880-1950, 14.2.-9.6.2024

In addition to fine art, the exhibition presents about thirty costumes of the period, from leisurewear to brilliant evening dresses. From the collection of Nordea Art Foundation is on display Hugo Backmansson, Grand Hotel in St. Petersburg (1906).

Kuopio Art Museum: Überhund 16.2.-19.5.2024

At this exhibition the main part belongs to dogs. From the collection of Nordea Art Foundation is on display a miniature sculpture Sugar Girl (1956) by Viljo Savikurki.

Nordea Bank Museum

Nordea Bank Museum is located in the Union Bank of Finland's Old Banking Hall at the address Aleksanterinkatu 36 B, Helsinki. 

The museum's permanent exhibition includes an exhibition on the history of Finnish commercial banking starting from the establishment of the Union Bank of Finland in 1862. The exhibition focuses on the customer's point of view and showcases the banking services available to the customer.

There is a fully-furnished bank interior designed by architects Gesellius, Lindgren & Saarinen on display at the museum. Dating back to 1904, the interior is a valuable specimen of cultural heritage. Part of the old banking hall and the manager's office are open for visitors. Banking memorabilia collected from a variety of commercial banks add to the historic atmosphere.

More info about the museum, visits and history of Nordea here.