Bank holidays

Bank holidays in 2022

The dates marked with an X are public bank holidays in the Nordic countries during 2022. 


Holiday Denmark Finland Norway Sweden Poland
6 January Epiphany   x   x x
14 April  Holy Thursday x   x    
15 April Good Friday x x x x  
18 April Easter Monday x x x x x
3 May Constitution Day         x
13 May Prayer Day x        
17 May Constitution Day     x    
26 May Ascension Day x x x x  
27 May Bank closing day x        
6 June Whit Monday x   x Swedish National Day   
16  June Corpus Christi         x
24 June Midsummer's Eve   x   x  
15 August Assumption Day         x
1 November  All Saint's Day         x
11 November  Independence Day         x
6 December  Independence Day   x      
26 December  Boxing Day/2nd Christmas Day x x x x x

Sources: The respective central banks.

Bank holidays in 2021 


Denmark Finland Norway Sweden
1 January x x) x x
6 January   x   x
1 April x   x  
2 April x x) x x
5 April x x) x x
30 April x      
13 May x x x x
14 May x      
17 May     x  
24 May x   x  
25 June   x   x
6 December   x    
24 December x x x x
31 December x     x

Sources: The respective central banks.
The following dates are half-trading days in Sweden in 2021: 5 January, 1 April, 30 April, 12 May, 24 June, 5 November, 23 December and 30 December (Source: Nasdaq)

The following date is a half-trading day in Norway in 2021: 31 March (Source: Nasdaq)

*) Official TARGET closing day (TARGET is the RTGS system for the euro)