Responsible banking

Supporting our customers and active ownership

Nordea has a long term perspective and firmly believes that companies with a sustainable business model carry lower financial and reputational risk, which ultimately brings better business for Nordea as a bank, value to society and our stakeholders.

By supporting our customers’ transition through financing, advising, and actively engaging in our investments with a clear focus on sustainability, Nordea can drive positive impact.

The largest emissions for Nordea come from our investments and the companies we finance, referred to as scope 3 emissions, also called financed emissions. As a bank, and especially for Nordea as the largest Nordic bank, it is within this area Nordea can drive and have the largest impact on the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Our business objective is to reduce the carbon emissions across our lending and investment portfolios by 40–50% by 2030 relative to our 2019 baseline.

It is important to acknowledge that it is ultimately the customer or the company we invest in that will have to implement the change. However Nordea’s role is to actively support and guide them in their decisions to do so and provide the tools to make it happen.

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