Bank to Bank

Three concepts spring from our heritage and guide us into the future

Open Thinking

People in the Nordics have a long reputation of valuing open thinking. But it’s not only about having an open mind and to think freely, it’s also about being tolerant, transparent, willing to seek partnerships, build networks and form alliances. We believe that these are qualities that have formed us. Today, given the open digital world and its rapid development and changeability, these qualities are more crucial than ever for us to succeed and meet your needs and wishes.


In many ways, innovation goes hand in hand with open thinking. A harsh environment on the outskirts of Europe has fostered an ability to overcome challenges and think and act in new ways. The will and ability to innovate is the heart and soul of Nordea.. 

Trading all over the world

The Viking ships are long gone but the spirit remains. Many of Nordea´s 700 000 Nordic corporate customers do business globally. Nordea has the resources, ambition and skills to let them do it in a safe, flexible and efficient way. Giving them abilities, just like the early Nordic traders, to look and go beyond the horizon.

In focus

Transaction banking for banks

Your dedicated bank in the Nordics - for banks. 

Due Diligence

Measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing are found here.