Our stakeholders


By creating value for our corporates, institutions and personal customers,
we can create further value for our shareholders and the broader society. 

Strong relationships 

We prioritise building long-lasting and strong relationships, taking into account our customers’ aspirations, goals and preferences. We listen carefully to our customers’ needs and provide access to unique expertise and solutions that fit their situations.

Our brand product and service range enables us to support our customers in different stages of their lives and business cycles. Always with a smooth omnichannel experience and personalised advice. 

Our ambition is to be a digital leader of our industry. 

We know that our customers want to move seamlessly between channels and pick up a conversation with us from where they last left off.

That is why we combine the latest technology with our expertise to enhance our services and continuously expand our range of digital solutions and self-service functionalities to improve customer experiences and enable our advisers to cater for more complex customer needs. 


mobile bank based on customer and analyst ratings in the Nordics


EUR facilitated in sustainable financing in 2022



Our aim is to be the preferred employer in the financial industry in the countries where we operate. 

Diversity, passion and dedication

Every day, Nordea employees provide essential services to our customers and societies. Our employees have a broad perspective, helping us to better serve our diverse customer base. Our employees come from all over the world, have different professional backgrounds and speak around 60 different languages. This in turn enables us to attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Guidance and leadership 

We believe that leadership is one of the most important drivers of culture, performance and job satisfaction. Our leaders are passionate about developing our people for personal and business success. We also offer clear and structured development plans and opportunities for our people, as we believe that this is the key to motivation and professional growth.


People Pulse average index score for fair treatment (stable)


People Pulse average index score for employees who recommend Nordea (improved)



We have a broad shareholder base, with strong support from global and Nordic institutional shareholders. We have more than 560,000 shareholders, including private individuals and pension fund investors. 

Dividends and share buy-backs 

We strive to create value for shareholders and enable financial growth and success for our customers. We are a leading bank in shareholder distributions, and our strong performance has enabled significant pay-outs to shareholders. 

We have paid out approximately EUR 6bn in dividends over the past three years. Our dividends support the societies we operate in and clearly boost the Nordic economies.

With our strong capital position and generation, we were the first bank in Europe to start implementing share buy-backs in 2021. 

In 2022 we completed two share buy-back programmes amounting to EUR 3bn. 


Total shareholder return in the past four years



We play an important role in the Nordic region, providing financial services that enable societies to grow and promoting financial stability in close collaboration with customers, authorities and regulators. 

A safe and sustainable future 

We have a responsibility to support sustainable growth. Climate change poses risks as well as opportunities to society, and we aim to be part of the solution – both directly through our operations and indirectly through the activities of our customers and investees. We challenge and support sectors with high climate impact to transition towards net-zero emissions. As a financial institution, we play an important role in this transition by channelling funds towards sustainable activities. 

We also help people to build financial and digital skills and foster entrepreneurship through currently well over 20 programmes and partnerships. In doing so, we extend our banking and finance expertise beyond our own operations to make a positive change in society. 

In early September 2022 we established a refugee programme where many of our employees helped Ukrainian refugees settle in Estonia, Poland and the Nordics.

Authorities and regulators

The European Central Bank (ECB) is our main regulator. Banking supervisors at the ECB contribute to keeping the banking system safe and sound through consistent and standardised supervision across the Euro area. 

We met more than


children and young people to share knowledge about financial skills.




young people participated in Matteutmaningen in Sweden.