Nordea's dividend policy

Nordea’s capital and dividend policy includes both dividends and buy-backs as tools for capital distribution to shareholders. Our aim is to pay out 60-70% of the profit of the financial year to shareholders. In addition, buy-backs are intended to be used for distributing excess capital to our shareholders.

Frequently asked questions about Nordea's dividend 2021

Nordea’s AGM will be held on 24 March 2022 and the ex-dividend date is 25 March 2022. The earliest payment date is 4 April 2022.

A shareholder that holds the share on the register date is entitled to receive the dividend. In other words, if you own or buy the share the same day as Nordea's AGM or Board decides on the dividend distribution you are entitled to the dividend. Nordea's AGM will be held on 24 March and the ex-dividend date is 25 March.

The new Finnish withholding tax legislation entered into force on 1 January 2021. This has an impact on all shareholders resident outside Finland holding Finnish securities in a bank outside Finland. The new regulation includes detailed provisions on when tax treaty based withholding rates can be applied to dividends at the payment stage. More details of the new legislation available on the Finnish tax authorities’ website here 

Due to the new taxation model and new provision to tax liability there will be limitations to apply relief at source at dividend payments. In the cases where relief at source cannot be applied a 35% maximum tax will be withheld. Over-withheld tax can be reclaimed from the Finnish tax authority after the dividend payment year has ended. Further information of the reclaim process available here

All shareholders are encouraged to obtain information regarding local practises related to the new withholding tax regulation from the custodian bank that holds the shares.

It depends on your bank and your country, but the earliest payment date is 4 April 2022.

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