Priorities & financial target


Return on equity


Assumes a CET1 ratio requirement of 15–16%, including management buffer.


Supported by

Cost-to-income ratio


Loan losses




Dividend policy

60–70% payout ratio. Excess capital distributed through buy-backs.

Capital policy

150–200bp management buffer above regulatory CET1 requirement.


Our key priorities

We'll deliver great omnichannel customer experiences, both digitally and in person, with a firm focus on expert advice and customer support. Investments will focus on organic growth and on the bank’s key capabilities in areas such as digitalisation, data and sales and service capabilities. We'll continue to optimise its business portfolio and manage its capital base efficiently to pursue capital excellence.

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the best omnichannel customer experience.


focused and profitable


operational and capital efficiency. 

We will be a

digital leader 


sustainability at the core

with the vision of being

the preferred partner for customers in need
of a broad range of financial services.