FX and Money Markets

We are a leading Nordic Foreign Exchange (FX) market maker with award-winning automated FX offering

We are the largest bank in the Nordic region which gives us the expertise, strength and liquidity to deliver the best FX & MM services in Northern European currencies. No matter what your company’s sector, size or risk management needs, we can help you with professional solutions and confidential advice. By having the widest range of automated FX solutions in the Nordics, we can take your currency handling to new levels of efficiency.

Our offering:

Our foreign exchange products include:

  • Spot
  • Forward
  • Swap
  • Option
  • NDF & NDO
  • TARF
  • Deposit/ Loan

Our Money Markets products include:

  • Cash Deposit
  • CD
  • ECP
  • Tri-party repos

With our AutoFX Suite solutions you can take your business to new levels of efficiency.

Our offering includes:

  • AutoFX IQ

    • Analyse and forecast your FX cash flows for smarter decision making
  • AutoFX Liquidity Management

    • Automate your FX Liquidity Management and free up time and resources
  • AutoFX APIs

    • Connect your own systems to our FX APIs to trade and manage risk in real time
  • AutoFX Hedging

    • Automate your FX hedging according to your own rules

Please note that our AutoFX offering varies depending on market. 

(For professional investors only)

We have the solutions you need to engage with Scandi liquidity. Manage your FX trades efficiently while minimising market impact and transaction cost with the help of our Execution Advisory Specialists . Our extensive FX Algo Suite covers the full spectrum of FX transaction needs, from passive to aggressive, with unique access to both Scandi and Major liquidity.

Read more about our FX Algos

e-Markets is a professional currency management tool for both small and large companies, delivered in a simple and user-friendly way.

With e-Markets you can:

  • Buy & sell currency
  • Secure currency rates
  • Find out your currency exposure
  • Manage documentation

Minimise the risk

Doing business abroad involving foreign currency always carries an element of risk. Small and medium companies are especially exposed to such risk.

Currency fluctuations can have a significant impact on your company’s profits, and in the worst case scenario, will wipe out some or all of it.

e-Markets allows you to secure the rate of a future transaction, which not only facilitates budgeting and liquidity planning, but also improves your company’s financial stability.

Please check out our demo and learn how easy it is to convert money with e-Markets.

Insights to your liquidity and currency needs

To make fast and accurate decisions, you need data and insights that shows you where your business is heading, whether your foreign currency needs are covered, trading patterns and your liquidity situation. Nordea provides you with Dashboard, giving you instant access to key financial figures from Corporate Netbank and e-Markets – all in one place.

Access to e-Markets

Access to e-Markets is free. We offer competitive pricing and rates.

Please contact your Nordea contact person or markets.dk [at] nordea.com (Nordea Markets directly) to learn more.

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