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On this page you will find information about how to handle payments in Corporate Netbank, manually or via file. We also have a payment inquiry form where you can ask for information regarding different payments. 

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Manual payments

Important information: fees for SWIFT Copy will be debited for this service. See the pricelists on FAQ section below. 

Here you will find videos covering how to register payments in Corporate Netbank and how to create payment templates. We also have a section with frequently asked questions (FAQ).

If you want to find more information about Request for Transfer payments including payment types, pricing and requirements, you can find it on this page

To see cut-off times for manual payments in Corporate Netbank click here.

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Payment inquiry form

File payments

Corporate Access File Payment is our Nordic service for all types of payments in XML format, here you can read more about the service in general. If you want to find out how to search for file payments with different status you are welcome to take part of the instruction videos below. There is also videos on how you upload and download files in Corporate Netbank.

To see the cut off times for Corporate Access file payments click here.

If you want to see Bank holidays for all Nordic countries you find them here

Instruction videos


FAQ file payments