A diverse community

It's a commitment

We want you to feel that you can bring your whole self to work and that you are appreciated, respected and valued for your unique qualities. 

Equal opportunities is a commitment – and we are proud of our genuine and structured work for diversity and inclusion. We can only make our workplace inclusive for everybody if we do it together and at all levels.

You can engage

When joining us, you can engage in our employee-led groups that work together to make our workplace even more inclusive.

So far, there are groups across all countries focusing on ability variation, culture diversity, age inclusion, gender equality and LGBTQ+ – and they're growing! We truly value our people's engagement and know that we can achieve a lot together.

LGBTQ+ initiatives to be proud of

Nordea is a proud partner of Pride. Our partnership goes back many years and is one example of how we work to strengthen LGBTQ+ inclusion in our workplace and in society.

Pride is not only about celebrating diversity – it’s also about sending an important message that we all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or lifestyle, should be treated fairly and with respect and have the possibility to fulfil our dreams.

Nordea's participation in Pride is an important part of our diversity and inclusion work. It is driven by a cross-organisational collaboration between our LGBTQ+ employee resource groups and various parts of our business organisation.

Our commitments and actions:

  • Parental leave for rainbow families. We want to offer comparable leave to all parents in Nordea, regardless of family type. That's why Nordea offers equal opportunities and access to parental leave for rainbow families, also in countries where legislation does not yet cover this.
  • Guidelines for transgender support. Nordea’s standpoint is that we should all feel respected and valued as who we are. Nordea is a place where every person should feel safe, welcomed and included. We regularly offer seminars in collaboration with the LGTBQ+ & Allies ERGs.
  • Selectable pronouns integrated.

We bring diverse perspectives together

At Nordea we have employees of more than 100 nationalities from all over the world. All in all we speak more than 60 languages.

Our different backgrounds contribute to our development, innovation and culture in many ways.


Gender equality is a win-win

Equal representation of women and men is high on our agenda.

Our data, commitments and actions:

  • Our definition of gender balance called “Minimum 40” means that neither woman nor men should be represented by less than 40%.
  • We meet our “Minimum 40" requirement both in terms of total workforce and in the leadership. 
  • Parental leave: The ability to combine work and parenthood is essential to achieve work-life balance and equal career opportunities. Encouraging women as well as men working at Nordea to use their parental leave fosters a more inclusive culture and develops our people.

We believe that ability variation and everyone’s unique skills help us become stronger

Ability variation refers to the diverse physical or cognitive strengths and challenges of all people. We understand the need to remove barriers in the environment to enable equality for our employees and customers. We aim to further strengthen our engagement in this area to increase accessibility and inclusion.

Our commitments and actions:

  • We work to increase accessibility.
  • We aim to raise awareness of both hidden and visible ability variations.
  • We enable peer support.
  • We have launched an award for entrepreneurs who work with inclusion from the ability variation perspective.


Age span of half a century

We're very age diverse and our employees span more than four generations. We understand the value of age diversity and work to prevent ageism for all age groups.

Our commitments and actions:

  • Activities for financial and digital inclusion in society regardless of age
  • Active work against age bias
  • Recurring seminars in collaboration with the Cross-Generation ERG.

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