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A diverse community

It's a commitment

We want you to feel that you can bring your whole self to work and that you are appreciated, respected and valued for your unique qualities. 

Equal opportunities are a commitment – and we are proud of our genuine and structured work for diversity and inclusion. We can only make our workplace inclusive for everybody if we do it together and at all levels.

You can engage

When joining us, you can engage in our employee-led groups that work together to make our workplace even more inclusive.

So far, there are groups across all countries focusing on ability variation, LGBT+ and allies, gender equality and cross-culture and international colleagues – and they're growing! We truly value our people's engagement and know that we can achieve a lot together.

LGBT+ initiatives to be proud of

Our employee groups focusing on LGBT+ and allies collaborate across borders to promote an open and safe environment for all employees regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Our people participate in annual Pride celebrations and workshops to take a clear stand for human rights. This is also how we are living our values.   

We bring cross-cultural perspectives together

We have a wide variety of nationalities in Nordea. Together we speak about 50 languages. 

Our different backgrounds contribute to our development, innovation and culture in many ways.

Gender equality is a win-win

It’s our belief that gender balance on all levels in the organisation will make us stronger as a company. We want to lead the way for equality and ensure equal opportunities for all women (52%) and men (48%) working in Nordea. There’s still work to be done through strategic initiatives and by involving our people. We want to closely monitor and take action for gender balance. Today, 40% of all leaders in Nordea are women and 60% are men.

Ability variation gives us super powers

We believe that ability variation and everyone’s unique skills help us become stronger. We are raising awareness on (dis)abilities through our employee groups and different focused initiatives.

It has created a new dynamic in the team: our colleagues see things in a new way and we're compelled to adopt a different mindset.

Majbritt, Specialist in Automation, on the focused initiative that welcomed seven new colleagues with autism.

Continue to explore - learn about growing with us

Learn more about life at Nordea by meeting some of our people. You'll learn more about how we’re creating an environment that empowers our people to learn every day. With us, you'll find a variety of career tracks where you can follow your passion.