Investor services

Your truly Nordic investor services provider with local expertise

We offer you a full range of high-quality investor services, whether you are dealing with Nordic or global securities. We have the presence, commitment and knowledge needed to help you succeed in your business both now and in the future, as the Nordic securities market continues to evolve.

Given our position in the market we play a vital role in shaping new infrastructure in the Nordic region and we do our utmost to make this change process as smooth as possible for our clients. We are extremely committed to the custody business and value long-term and fruitful relationships with our clients. Our successful track record, expertise and strong client focus set us apart from the rest.

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Corporate & Institutional custody

We provide clients in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden with Corporate & Institutional custody services, i.e. clearing, settlement and safekeeping of domestic and foreign securities. Global custody services are primarily targeted at corporations, municipalities, asset managers, banks, insurance companies and pension funds. For global securities, we provide services in all major financial markets in the world. Every market is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the best quality of service for our clients.

We offer you extensive services related to global securities, including the following:

In accordance with the legal requirements in each Nordic market, a custody account needs to be opened to support clearing, settlement and safekeeping of global securities. Each custody account must be linked to a Nordea cash account.

Every global market has its own settlement cycle and cut-off times, which differ according to local market practice. All communication from Nordea to Sub-custodian is handled via SWIFT standard to ensure smooth and timely clearing and settlement. Client communication is done STP through an electric platform between clients and Nordea.

We credit dividends, loan interest and final redemptions to clients’ accounts according to the information received from the local sub-custodians. We offer our clients tax reclaim services for several countries via a separate agreement.

There are various types of corporate action that may occur with global securities, including rights offerings, offers to redeem, changes in nominal value, spin-offs, splits, splits, reverse splits and name changes. Nordea asset servicing covers the life cycle of an event, including notifications, relevant account transactions and managing instructions when applicable for the event.

Clients can feed instructions to the market monitor transactions and their holdings in real time through our online service e-Custody, accessible via Corporate Netbank.

Issuer services

We administrate and process all events throughout the life cycle of a security. To do this, we maintain close cooperation with the issuing company, their advisors and local central securities depositories (CSD). We regard ourselves as a proactive and trusted business partner.

Our services are offered in all of the four Nordic countries and are divided into three main groups. We also offer customised services combining the below services.

  • Technical planning and administration of corporate action events, including capital raisings, initial public offerings, public tender offers, redemptions and splits/reverse splits, and we handle questions from investors and financial intermediaries.
  • Paying agent for a variety of instruments such as shares, bonds, covered warrants and funds, including dividends, interest payments and redemptions.
  • Representative agent for fund companies.
  • Administration of securities in the local CSD.
  • Administration of the shareholder register and annual general meetings in Norway. 
  • Transfer of physical shares to dematerialised shares with the local CSD.
  • Conversion of shares between markets for dual-listed companies.