But even the most efficient controls cannot fully safeguard against every possible scenario. This is why we encourage all our employees, our customers and our stakeholders to report if they experience or suspect unethical behaviour and violations of any applicable financial crime guidelines. 

How to report

You can choose between reporting openly by providing name and contact details or reporting anonymously. Irrespective of method chosen, all reports are handled with strict confidentiality. Either way, you should send your report by using our whistleblowing service, which is managed by an independent, external party.

The process is designed to protect the anonymity of the person filing the report. The process is separated from Nordea’s IT systems and IP address, and other data that may identify the whistleblower are not tracked in any way.

Should you choose to file a report, you have the right to request and receive a complete list of information stored regarding your case, and if needed, you have the right to request corrections of incomplete or incorrect information. 

Nordea’s employees are by law protected against unfavourable treatment resulting from the filing. 

What should be reported

Our whistleblowing procedure is intended for the reporting of misconduct and violations of financial crime guidelines, that is any fraudulent, inappropriate, dishonest, illegal or negligent activity or behaviour. 

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