User administration

Video tutorials, user guides and FAQ

Corporate Netbank Administration is a tool used to create and maintain users and their power of attorney in Corporate Netbank. Learn more about the tool through our video tutorials below along with an FAQ.

Are you a new administrator for Corporate Netbank?

  • We have a general training for Corporate Netbank Administration that is available in both English and all four local languages, see more on page Online Training

  • Another way to start to learn is to read through the User Guide

Are you using Corporate Access in your company setup?

We have made two instruction videos on how to register Corporate Access account reporting in Corporate Netbank Administration and how to give a user access to an account group so that the user will be able to download the files via Corporate Netbank.

If you need to setup a SignerID you can also find a short video on how to create a new one.

FAQ about Corporate Netbank Administration