Our strategy

Our key priorities

Create the best omnichannel customer experience

Creating best-in-class omnichannel customer experiences is our way to modernise relationship banking. We aim to offer a consistent and seamless experience to our customers – online, over the phone and in person. Our approach combines the personal advice and human touch of our expert advisers with the convenience and personalisation that modern technology offers. 

Drive focused and profitable growth

We are continually investing in key areas in support of our vision. In recent years, we have strengthened in lending, savings and payments, as well as developed our offering for large corporates in areas such as cash management and trade finance. Supported by our strong financial position, we have also made selected bolt-on acquisitions to support our portfolio and growth. Our focus is always on profitable growth opportunities that support our ability to grow income faster than costs.

Increase operational and capital efficiency

Being the largest Nordic financial services group brings strategic and cost advantages, creating opportunities for greater operational efficiency and superior value creation. We use digital technologies, analytics and, increasingly, AI to simplify bank processes, drive productivity improvements and deliver digital banking services efficiently. Such technologies also play a critical role in our efforts to combat financial crime and bolster cybersecurity, thus ensuring Nordea is a safe and strong partner.  


Throughout our 200-year history we have always aimed to be a safe and strong bank, supporting our customers in all economic cycles.

President and Group CEO Frank Vang-Jensen.

Our key levers

To achieve our key priorities, we have activated two key levers. One is to become a digital leader, recognising that digital technologies are key to providing exceptional banking services today and in the future. The other is to integrate sustainability into the core of our business, as we aim to support our customers in their transition to sustainable business models.

A digital leader in the financial industry

We have built one of the best digital offerings in the industry. Our future as a digital leader is all about making banking easy and accessible. We want our customers to have the freedom and independence to manage their finances when it is most convenient to them. In 2023, use of our digital services reached a record high, with our customers logging in more than 1.4 billion times. 

Customers can apply for a mortgage via the mobile banking app, receive a digital loan promise within minutes, sign mortgage agreements digitally, and easily switch between variable and fixed interest rates. Savings through digital channels now correspond to 63% of all retail savings transactions. Moreover, through a chat function on our websites, customers can receive a quick answer to any question.  

As we grow our digital offering, we are constantly finding new ways to be personal, expert and responsible in our interactions with customers. The human touch of Nordea will never go away, no matter how our customers choose to bank with us. 

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Committed to a low-carbon economy

The financial industry has a key role to play in supporting the transition to a sustainable future. At Nordea, we focus on minimizing our environmental impact and empowering our customers to make sustainable choices when they invest, save and borrow. 
For almost 15 years, we have been recognised internationally as a leader within responsible investments. More recently, we have established ourselves as a global front-runner in offering ESG investments.  

We continue to use our size and scale to drive greater impact. To help our customers transition to a low-carbon economy, we have facilitated more than EUR 135bn in sustainable financing in the last two years alone. And in 2023 we were the Nordic region’s leading provider of corporate sustainable bonds. 
A key focus is also on reducing the carbon emissions associated with our lending and investment portfolios. We are on track to cut emissions by 40–50% by 2030 – a key milestone on our journey to become a net-zero emissions bank by 2050. 

This is how we support the transition

Our targets

 We aim to deliver market-leading performance in digital growth, sustainability and profitability – and have targets in place for each.

Our 2025 financial target


Return on equity.