Our strategy

Accelerating to be the preferred financial partner in the Nordics

Our strategy is about becoming the best bank for customers, employees and shareholders, and it is designed to help us realise our vision. All that we do should ultimately make us the preferred financial partner for customers in need of a broad range of financial services, both for households and corporates. This is our way to create value for our shareholders and broader society.

We have identified two levers as being crucial to our strategic plan: 

  • being a digital leader and 

  • integrating sustainability into the core of our business.

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We aim to be a digital leader of our industry and are determined to provide a competitive digital experience. We want to offer our customers all the relevant digital products and services and maintain our number one position for mobile banking in the Nordics. Our 2025 target is to increase the number of our digitally active customers by at least 25%. 

We are creating self-service functionalities for all daily banking needs and plan to double the amount of available digital products and services by 2025. We are utilising our knowledge and latest technological developments to provide safe, easy-to-use and even more personalised products and services. 

By combining our digital advice with human advice, we can help our private and corporate customers to realise their financial aspirations in a personal and responsible way. We will also use digitalisation to further increase operational efficiency, combat financial crime even more effectively and reinforce the sustainability of our business.

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We play a leading role in helping our customers transition to a sustainable future. We have committed to becoming a net-zero emissions bank by 2050 at the latest. To reach this goal, we have set a long-term objective to reduce carbon emissions across our lending and investment portfolios by 40–50% by 2030. 

This objective, along with our objectives for 2030, are further supported by our 2023–25 targets. These initiatives will also ensure that the risk profile of the bank remains strong. 

We see great opportunities and a high demand for investing in and financing new green technologies and decarbonisation – and aim to accelerate our positive impact.

The key priorities

Our strategy is built on three key priorities: creating the best omnichannel customer experiences, driving focused and profitable growth, and increasing operational and capital efficiency. 

  • Creating the very best omnichannel customer experience is our way to modernise relationship banking. It is our way to keep our customers at the centre of everything we do. We have made significant investments to further improve our digital offerings in 2022, which have been recognised in several external surveys. 
  • Our focus within sustainability is to enable customers to choose sustainable solutions and facilitate the transition to carbon neutrality. We recognise that we have a unique possibility and responsibility to take a leading role within this area. 
  • Our value creation for shareholders is supported by enhanced operational and capital efficiency, both being defined as key initiatives in our strategic plan. Improved operational efficiency will be delivered through process optimisation and productivity improvements. Capital efficiency will be delivered through refined capital deployment in our four business areas.