How we accelerate the transition

"By engaging and working with our customers on their transition plans we believe that we can make a positive contribution in society."

Head of Group Sustainability Anja Lidgren Hannerz.

Anja tells more about our progress

We have an idea of a better tomorrow

We use our unique position as the largest bank in the Nordics to steer capital, make investments and grant funds – actions we do every day together with our customers – towards a more sustainable society. 

And, we know we are not perfect. Through our operations we have also contributed to the world’s emissions but, we’re showing strong progress together with our customers towards becoming a net-zero bank at 2050. 
In this video you will get to know a little bit more about how we work and how we use our size and strength as a force for good:

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Every day, we move closer to reaching our sustainability targets.
Below you can see some of our key figures. 



 in sustainable financing during the last two years.

Reduction in financed emissions:


from business loans, motor vehicle loans, residential and commercial real estate between 2019 and 2023.

During 2023


of advised customers expressed that they have sustainability preferences.

Sustainability is at the core of our business strategy – integrated into all aspects of our business, from our product offering and our investment decisions to our internal operations. We have introduced measurable long-term objec­tives and medium-term targets to help drive a greener and more sustainable future.

Nordea has also linked sustainability goals to the remuneration of the Group Leadership Team and other senior leaders. The goals are based on targets relating to green financing, sustainability implementation and gender balance.

For more than 200 years, we’ve played a key role in supporting our customers and developing the Nordic societies. That will be our role going forward as well. As a leading bank in the Nordic region, we have the capacity to support the ongoing transition to net zero – via our customer offering, through our lending and investment decisions, and by reducing the emissions from our internal operations.

We have built up strong competence and capacity in this area and are well positioned to play a leading role. Over 4,000 of Nordea’s advisors, which represent the vast majority, have completed tailor-made sustainability trainings related to their specific role.

Nordea driver for collective action

We believe partnerships and collaborative initiatives are crucial to solving sustainability issues. Nordea was one of the first Nordic banks to sign the Principals for Responsible Investments (PRI) in January 2007. Since then, Nordea has continued to drive the sustainability agenda in the Nordics and in an international context. Nordea is a proud co-founder of the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB), the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance and the Net-Zero Asset Managers initiative. Nordea is also the Nordic representative in the UNEP FI Banking Board and Nordea’s CEO is a member of the high-level forum UNEP FI Leadership Council.

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Our key areas of impact

As a leading bank in the Nordic region, we have the capacity to support the ongoing transition to net zero. We do this by focusing on three key areas of our business:

Impact through our investments

As an active owner with a clear ESG agenda, we consistently encourage the companies we invest in to strengthen their focus on sustainability. 

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Impact through our financing

We want to continue to finance sustainable activity, and at the same time, support our customers to transition away from environmentally harmful activities. We believe companies with sustainable business models carry lower financial, organisational and reputational risk. 

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Impact through our own operations

As a large corporation we have set sustainability goals for what we can do within our own operations. 

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