LEI - Legal Entity Identifier Information

Trading financial instruments and the need for Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

EU regulations require that all those who trade financial instruments are uniformly identified by a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). Unless you have a LEI code, you will not be able to trade financial instruments within the EU. Details about LEI can be found below. The process itself is easy, and below you will find a guide on how to acquire or renew a LEI.

Acquire or renew your LEI code

An LEI code is acquired from one of the official LEI Code issuers. Nordea has a partnership with LEI code providers Arctic and RapidLEI who both have tailored solutions for Nordea customers, offering a fast and secure acquiring process with local adaptation. Please see relevant links and LEI code providers below.

To be able to continue trading in financial instruments, you must renew your LEI Code on a yearly basis. Please start the renewal process in due time with your LEI Code issuer, to allow for processing time.

Application forms in local language provided by Arctic, and with local security solutions:

DanishNorwegianSwedish English


The English application form provided by RapidLEI for Finnish and international customers:



Submit your acquired or renewed LEI code

Need to submit more than one company?

Please use following excel sheet if you are submitting multiple LEI codes. Once you have filled in the LEI codes, please send the excel sheet to LEI [at] nordea.com (LEI[at]nordea[dot]com.)

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More information about LEI