08-04-2022 15:22

Matchmaking + capital = accelerating SurfCleaner’s sustainable growth journey

Nordea’s matchmaking event, which connects entrepreneurs and investors, secured contacts and capital for SurfCleaner. “It made our entire growth journey possible,” says the company’s CEO. Now Nordea Investor Speed Dating is back again.
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Nordea Startup & Growth, a unit focusing on scalable technology companies, matches innovative ideas with investors on an ongoing basis.

“Through our strong networks inside and outside Nordea, we are able to find relevant matches. Right now, growth companies can apply to join Nordea Investor Speed Dating, a virtual matchmaking event that will be held in May,” says Maria Smith, growth banker at Nordea Startup & Growth.

Nordea Startup & Growth is also arranging matchmaking meetings together with Nordea’s Private Banking unit. During these meetings stakeholders can connect with and listen to investment pitches from both start-ups and scale-ups.

Last year Mikael Andersson participated as the CEO of the wastewater company SurfCleaner. He needed knowledge as well as capital to finance costly innovations within advanced wastewater technology. Both for companies and investors it’s a question of finding the perfect match.

Matching companies and capital

Mikael Andersson says that the team behind the matchmaking event had a strong eye for finding persons representing the driving forces needed by the company. The matchmaking led to meetings with business angels, many of which were strongly interested in the very problems that SurfCleaner had a solution for.

“It opened up the opportunity to meet investors that we wouldn’t otherwise have come across. Simply being selected for this was some sort of quality approval,” says Mikael Andersson.

With its Startup & Growth team, Nordea will support fast-growing technology companies with contacts, knowledge and capital. Through a large network of investors and in close cooperation with Nordea’s Private Banking unit, Nordea finds players with a keen interest in growth companies where the ambition is to break new ground and become market leaders.

The entrepreneurs participating in these matchmaking events have the opportunity to find investors suited to their companies.

“Read up on the investor, make sure that you know what they are looking for. Consider whether an investor is suited for your company. Does the investor have the competencies that you need? And what have they invested in previously?” says Maria Smith.

Growth and jobs

In Mikael Andersson’s case, Nordea has helped pave the way for smart innovations, growth and jobs. SurfCleaner has gone from 4 to 17 employees and has made several investments in new technology.

Stepping up

After having received close to 50 million Swedish kronor from various players, he could start investing in a number of development projects. The company could step up the fight for cleaner water, reduced emissions and a circular economy.

“It’s fantastic that Nordea is able to provide support this way. We are enormously happy with the opportunities we’ve had thanks to the Startup & Growth team and the matchmaking event,” says Mikael Andersson.

“It’s extremely valuable to be able to promote ourselves among investors. Now they know who we are,” he says.

Tips for entrepreneurs that would like to participate in matchmaking: 

  • Do your homework. No one wants to be part of something they don’t really understand or believe in. Make sure that you can describe the company’s business idea and vision well.
  • Prepare clear forecasts. Know exactly where the company is heading and what it takes to get there.
  • Have a clear solution to an existing problem. (SurfCleaner helps sewage treatment plants to resolve problems with sludge and increase the production of biogas. The company also helps industries recover oil, diesel and petrol from wastewater.)
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