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We helped customers improve their digital banking skills – and won an award

The coronavirus pandemic meant that many had to adapt and quickly become more digital both to be able to meet other people and carry out their business. At Nordea we also adapted and offered digital coaching for many who needed it – and in December we won the Digital Coach of the Year award in Sweden for our efforts.
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We don’t cancel – we just do things a bit differently, that has been the key principle in Nordea Sweden during the pandemic. When the pandemic first hit, we were able to scale up our digital customer contacts quickly and further develop our digital services. We have focused a great deal on teaching customers how to get started and how to use digital services safely.

“We want to increase knowledge of digital services and include more people. It should be easy to bank with us and get access to our expertise throughout life – for everybody,” says Per Långsved, country senior executive of Sweden.  

Per Långsved, country senior executive of Sweden.

Tackling digital exclusion

As proof of many years of dedicated efforts to improve our digital customer offering, we have now won the award Digital Coach of the Year 2021 by the magazine Privata Affärer. 

The jury was particularly impressed by Nordea’s efforts to help tackle “digital exclusion”. The jury said: “Many things are easy when you know what to do. This year’s digital coach help customers get on the internet.” 

“We had a good starting point as we’ve been working towards strengthening our digital offering for many years, but the pandemic became something of a catalyst. The absolute majority, also among those over 70, is now beginning to feel fairly digitally literate. The digital coach of the year award along with the feedback from our customers confirm that we are leading the way in digital banking services, says Per Långsved. 

How we improved customers’ digital literacy

  • Online advisory meetings: Now our customers can meet their advisers online, using either a mobile phone or a computer. 
  • Ongoing efforts and an extra dash on Digidagen in October: events at our local branches where we show customers how to use BankID, Swish and mobile banking services. 
  • Regular webinars on housing, savings and pensions for customers and non-customers. Customers get handy tips and good advice, and also have the opportunity to put their questions to our experts, live or before the webinar.  
  • Webinars targeted at seniors and their families where we pedagogically explain how to use the most basic banking services that make everyday life easy, and suggest how relatives can help elderly family members to get started with or learn more about digital banking services.  
  • Simple step-by-step instruction videos show how to do your daily banking using digital services.  
  • The folder “Din bank hemma” (Your bank at home) can be picked up at our branches or downloaded and printed from our website. It describes how to safely do your banking from home. See nordea.se/blimerdigital
  • We invited the police to talk on two of our webinars on topics such as how to bank online more safely and what to look out for to reduce the risk of becoming a fraud victim. 
  • Webinars targeted at parents where we help them understand how they should talk to their children and teenagers about money and what they should look out for. 
  • Review of our tone and plainer language in our communication to reduce the risk of fraud
  • Through our national initiative Ekonomipejl (Finances in Focus) we help secondary school pupils manage their personal finances. The programme is conducted both online and in schools. 
  • In the past year we also developed digital services for trustees and administrators allowing them to handle consents to withdraw money and their fee without having to visit a branch.  

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