21-12-2023 12:51

Feeling in control of your finances leads to less worry – regardless of income


New survey shows a strong correlation between feeling in control of your money and being more positive. As a bank, we support you with tools, share expertise, and provide advice.

Having control over one's finances makes us less worried, regardless of income. This correlation is significant in our Nordic survey, Nordic Pulse. With some minor differences the result is clear in all Nordic countries and show overall that financial knowledge and the perception of having control over one's finances are strongly linked to being more positive about one’s future. The sense of control also determines the extent to which one cares about societal issues, such as sustainability. Furthermore, it turns out that the ability to set clear goals with one's finances and the ability to save for a buffer are two aspects of financial control that are associated with reduced worry. 

All in all, feeling in control of one's expenses and income, feeling that one can make good financial decisions for oneself, is positive in several ways. 

Become your own private economy "pro"

Nordea offers support on how you quickly and easily can gain better financial control with the help of some of our digital services: 

  • Advisory services – you have the opportunity to have digital meetings via your mobile phone or computer. 
  • We offer recurring free webinars on housing, savings, and pensions, for example. There, you can get tips and advice, and also have the opportunity to ask questions to our experts who conduct them. 
  • Follow us on our social media for information and tips. 
  • On our customer web pages and in your mobile bank, you will find several smart tools created to give you a better overview and control of your finances. Examples: loan and savings calculators, currency calculator in mobile bank. You can find various templates for budgeting below. 
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