15-03-2023 12:17

Youth financial literacy is something we focus on all year round

Global Money week is shining the global spotlight on financial literacy among young people with the theme “plan your money, plant your future”. At Nordea, this is one of the core areas in which we contribute to society throughout the year.
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One week every year, the importance of ensuring that young people are “financially aware and are gradually acquiring financial knowledge” is in focus all over the world. The initiative, driven by the OECD, is called Global Money Week, 20-26 March, and since its start in 2012, 176 countries have participated, encompassing 53 million children and young people.  

At Nordea, financial literacy is on our radar this week and every week. One of the major focus areas within our community engagement is supporting people in building financial skills – not only having specific knowledge and skills, but also having the confidence to make decisions to achieve financial well-being. When people manage their own finances well, they contribute to a secure future for themselves and stable economies.

This strong correlation is reflected in our new survey, The Nordic Pulse, where we ask people how well they feel they are in control of their own economic situation, if they feel they have the skills to manage it, and how optimistic they are about their future.

"Everyone should have basic financial skills for life. We know that knowing how to budget, save and manage debt enables us to make better financial decisions. It’s essential to start discussing the importance of financial skills already at a young age – and in our financial skills programme we’ve found that young people and even children are very interested in learning these skills", says our Head of Community Engagement, Anna Kosonen.


Did you know...

In 2022, our volunteers supported more than


children and young people in building financial skills through our own projects and partners' projects.

Initiatives country by country:


We participate in the Finance Denmark initiative Pengeunge. During Global Money Week, our country management and employees volunteer and teach financial skills in schools.


We kick off the Taloussankari (Money Master) competition for school classes. This year, the preliminary qualifiers will be held online during Global Money Week (20 to 24 March). Taloussankari is a collaboration between Nordea, Pörssisäätiö and Talous ja nuoret TAT.

In addition, we arrange Nordea-run own economy classes – oman talouden oppitunnit – throughout the year for schools.


We run our Økonomipeil programme, which focuses on young people’s ability to manage their own finances well.


Since 2008, we’ve run Ekonomipejl, a programme aimed at helping youngsters take control of their finances and get a head start in young adult life. 

Basic mathematical skills already at a young age is a pre-requisite for understanding and managing your own finances in later in life. Therefore we also focus on making mathematics more fun for all in our Matteutmaningen.

The Nordic Pulse

The Nordic Pulse is a survey where we keep track of our values. We asked the people in the Nordics how they feel about their economic situation and the choices they make right now. 

Read more about the results here
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