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Create positive impact through volunteering

We want to engage with society and create positive impact using our core competencies financial skills and entrepreneurship, sharing our knowledge for the benefit of the surrounding community. 

By focusing on areas where Nordea’s employees have extensive expertise, we can make a real difference. 

Our employees contribute to society through volunteering which give us a tangible and positive impact on society through own programs and sponsored partnerships. Our role in society – as the biggest bank in the Nordic region and one of the largest in Europe – brings an enormous responsibility which we take very seriously.

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Encouraging entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in society in terms of creating growth, innovation and jobs. Supporting entrepreneurs to build successful businesses is key for Nordea. Nordea engages with entrepreneurs and young potential entrepreneurs in many ways. From mentoring and networking to start-up programs and financial skills training, helping them achieve their goals and fulfil their visions.

By encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting organizations with a focus on young entrepreneurs, we help promote economic growth, innovation and job creation. We work closely with fin-techs through start-up accelerator programs and partner with fintech hubs in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen

Increasing financial skills

 Building financial skills increases financial literacy and inclusion and contributes to financial well-being in a person’s life and business. People with financial skills and knowledge can better manage their own finances and understand risks, making it easier for them to realize their dreams and everyday aspirations. Nordea’s employees, with broad and deep financial expertise and knowledge, have a unique opportunity to contribute to this through volunteer work.

Through own programs and in co-operation with partners, Nordea help young people to build a successful financial life for themselves. The programs and partnerships we run in all four Nordic countries engage hundreds of employees every year and reach thousands of young people