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Nordea Annual Small & Mid Cap Days - Agenda day 2

Thursday 24th August

This list refers to companies hosting group presentations. Please click HERE to get an overview over companies available for one-to-one meetings.


AddLife | Ticker: ALIFB SS | Mcap: SEK 16.1bn / EUR 1.4bn | Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Represented by: Fredrik Dalborg CEO & Christina Rubenhag CFO

About: AddLife is one of the foremost independent distributors in the European life sciences sector, focused on developing and acquiring market-leading niche companies with offerings aimed primarily at the healthcare industry, from research to medical care.



AddTech | Ticker: ADDTB SS | Mcap: SEK 60.1bn / EUR 5.2bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Malin Enarson, CFO

About: AddTech offers high-tech industrial products and solutions, primarily to customers in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in around 20 countries, with a strong Nordic focus. The group consists of more than 100 operating companies, that are held together by a culture in which skills and technical competence are central and where the flexibility of a small company is combined with the network and financial resources of a group. With a focus on sustainability, Addtech is helping customers produce their goods more efficiently and by helping them make their products more competitive.



AFRY | Ticker: AFRY SS | Mcap: SEK 20.2bn / EUR 1.8bn | Commercial & Professional Services

Represented by: Jonas Gustavsson, CEO & Bo Sandström, CFO

About: AFRY is a Swedish-based technical consultancy firm, offering designing and consulting services. Its operations are structured within six principal business units: Infrastructure, Industrial and Digital Solutions, Process Industries, Energy, AFRY X and Management Consulting. Sweden is its largest regional exposure and accounts for approximately half of AFRY's sales.



Arjo | Ticker: ARJOB SS | Mcap: SEK 12.0bn / EUR 1.0bn | Health Care Equipment & Services 

Represented by: Joacim Lindoff, CEO

About: Arjo is a Sweden-based supplier of products, services and solutions for people with reduced mobility and age-related health challenges. The company's offering includes products and solutions within the following product segments: Patient Handling, Hygiene, Disinfection, Medical Beds, Therapeutic Surfaces, Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention and Diagnostics. Products include ceiling lifts, standing and raising aids, slings, floor lifters and medical beds for acute care and long-term care. 



Avanza | Ticker: AZA SS | Mcap: SEK 35.6bn / EUR 3.1bn | Financial Services

Represented by: Rikard Josefson, CEO

About: Avanza bank provides online services to private customers, including high net worth individuals (HNWI) and day traders, as well as to corporate customers. Its offering comprises brokerage services, loans, savings accounts, mortgage loans, investment advisory services, pension products, pension insurance and capital insurance services.



Beijer Alma | Ticker: BEIAB SS | Mcap: SEK 14.5bn / EUR 1.3bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Henrik Perbeck, CEO

About: Beijer Alma is an industrial conglomerate with three business areas. The largest is Lesjöfors (70% of sales RTM), an international full-range supplier of industrial springs, wire and flat strip components. Beijer Tech (30%), the smallest business area, specialises in manufacturing, value-added sales and automation, within profitable niches.



BioArtic | Ticker: BIOAB SS | Mcap: SEK 30.5bn / EUR 2.6bn | Healthcare

Represented by: Gunilla Osswald, CEO 

About: BioArctic is a clinical stage biopharma company aimed at developing treatments that address the underlying causes of disorders that affect the central nervous system (CNS). The company refers to its pipeline of drugs as "disease modifiers", meaning that the drugs target the underlying disease pathology and can hopefully stop or significantly delay disease progression. This stands in contrast to today's symptom-oriented therapies in the CNS field. BioArctic has a broad pipeline of 14 different programmes, but with a main focus on Alzheimer's disease.



Bravida | Ticker: BRAV SS | Mcap: SEK 22.4bn / EUR 1.9bn | Commercial & Professional Services

Represented by: Mattias Johansson, CEO

About: Bravida supplies technical installation and services to buildings and structures. The company offers expertise and integrated solutions in three technology areas: electricity, plumbing and heating, and ventilation and air conditioning. The business segments are divided into the installation of technical systems in buildings and facilities, and service and maintenance of completed installations. The company also provides property management, security alarms, access control solutions and more.  



Bufab | Ticker: BUFAB SS | Mcap: SEK 13.3bn / EUR 1.2bn | Capital Goods 

Represented by: Erik Lundén, CEO & Frederick Neely, CFO

About: Bufab is a trading company that offers a full-service solution for sourcing, quality control, and logistics of C-parts – covering everything from traditional fasteners and drawing-bound articles to complicated processed and assembled components to all major industries.



Byggfakta Group | Ticker: BFG SS | Mcap: SEK 7.7bn / EUR 0.7bn | Technology

Represented by: Johnny Engman, CFO

About: Byggfakta Group operates as a software and information company within the construction industry. The company offers proprietary cloud-based service and a fully integrated data and software platform which connects all participants and combining data and software insights to drive sales for customers. The company serves customers worldwide.



Cargotec | Ticker: CGCBV FH | Mcap: EUR 3.3bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Casimir Lindholm, CEO & Aki Vesikallio, IR

About: Cargotec manufactures and sells cargo- and load-handling solutions and related services. It operates in three business segments. MacGregor delivers marine cargo flow solutions used in general cargo, bulk, container and offshore vessels, etc. Kalmar’s container- and heavy load-handling equipment and services are used in terminals, ports, heavy industry and distribution centres. The Hiab segment delivers on-road load-handling solutions for moving, lifting, loading and unloading products, goods or raw materials from vehicles.



Castellum | Ticker: CAST SS | Mcap: SEK 53bn / EUR 4.6bn | Real Estate 

Represented by: Jens Andersson, CFO

About: Castellum AB is a real estate company specializing in commercial properties, operating primarily in Sweden and Denmark. The company focus on sustainable development and management of commercial space for stores, offices, schools, warehousing, and industrial use, as well as apartments.



CellaVision | Ticker: CEVI SS | Mcap: SEK 4.7bn / EUR 0.4bn | Healthcare

Represented by: Simon Østergaard, CEO & Magnus Blixt, CFO

About: CellaVision AB is engaged in the business of supplying digital solutions for blood and body fluid analysis. Its solutions are based on digital image analysis technology, artificial intelligence, and information technology. Its customers include mainly large hospital laboratories and commercial laboratories in North America, Europe and China and Japan.



Concentric | Ticker: COIC SS | Mcap: SEK 8.2bn / EUR 0.7bn | Industrials

Represented by: Martin Kunz, CEO

About: Concentric AB manufactures hydraulic systems, oil pumps, water pumps and fuel pumps. The Company markets its products to manufacturers of trucks, agricultural equipment, industrial vehicles, and off-road machinery. Concentric serves customers worldwide.



Coor Service | Ticker: COOR SS | Mcap: SEK 5.03bn / EUR 0.4bn | Industrials 

Represented by: Anna Carin Grandin, CEO & Andreas Engdahl, CFO

About: Coor Service Management Holding AB provides clients integrated facility management and strategic consulting services including solutions in administration, logistics, estate management, conferencing, technical security, energy optimization, and workspace management. The Company operates across Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.



CTT Systems | Ticker: CTT SS | Mcap: SEK 2.5bn / EUR 0.2bn | Industrials

Represented by: Henrik Höjer, CEO & Markus Berg, CFO

About: CTT Systems is a Swedish technology company that develops, manufactures and supplies humidity control systems for commercial aircrafts and private jet completions. The company collaborates with a range of entities, such as Boeing and Airbus.



engcon | Ticker: ENGCONB SS | Mcap: SEK 11.6bn / EUR 1bn | Industrials

Represented by: Krister Blomgren, CEO

About: engcon AB is a manufacturer of construction machinery equipment. The Company's offering includes tiltrotators, quick couplers, hydraulic and mechanical tools as well as control and safety systems. engcon serves customers worldwide.



Gofore | Ticker: GOFORE FH | Mcap: EUR 0.1bn | Industrials

Represented by: TBC

About: Gofore Oyj is a Finland-based digital service company. The company offers services that help operators in the private and public sectors to face digital change, spanning from management consultation and information technology (IT) to service design and implementation, as well as cloud services.



Gränges | Ticker: GRNG SS | Mcap: SEK 10.3bn / EUR 0.9bn | Consumer Discretionary

Represented by: Oskar Hellström, CFO

About: Gränges AB is an aluminium manufacturer that produces rolled products to the heat and exchanger industry. Its key competences include: brazing and processing, mechanical properties, corrosion, and lubrication, chemistry and surfaces.



Huscompagniet | Ticker: HUSCO DC | Mcap: SEK 1.7bn / EUR 0.2bn | Construction

Represented by:  Jesper Høybye, CFO

About: HusCompagniet is a manufacturer and supplier of detached houses and villas that are mainly rented out or resold. The company offers both standardized solutions and more customized options.



Kjell Group | Ticker: KJELL SS | Mcap: SEK 769m / EUR 67m | Consumer Discretionary

Represented by: Andreas Rylander, CEO

About: Kjell Group is an omnichannel retailer focused on consumer electronics accessories with operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The company has an integrated omnichannel platform offering its customers a broad range of products.



Knowit | Ticker: KNOW SS | Mcap: SEK 5.3bn / EUR 0.5bn | IT Services

Represented by: Per Wallentin, CEO & Marie Björklund, CFO

About: Knowit provides digitalisation and IT consultancy services in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. The public sector is its largest client category.



Lifco | Ticker: LIFCOB SS | Mcap: SEK 103.8bn / EUR 9.0bn | Capital Goods 

Represented by: Per Waldemarson, CEO

About: Lifco operates as a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides dental products, machinery and tools, sawmill equipment, contract manufacturing, vehicle interiors, and environmental technology. 



Media & Games Invest, MGI | Ticker: M8G SS | Mcap: SEK 2.1bn / EUR 0.2bn | Media

Represented by: TBC

About: MGI provides an ad software platform that helps advertisers acquire customers via smartphones, computers, connected TV or digital third-party media, and publishers monetize their ad space. It also has its own games portfolio, containing more than 5,000 casual games.



Medistim | Ticker: MEDI OL | Mcap: NOK 5.1bn / EUR 0.45bn | Healthcare

Represented by: Kari Krogstad, CEO

About: Medistim ASA is a Norway-based company engaged in the provision of medical equipment and technology. It develops, manufactures and distributes medical devices that measure blood flow and visualize atherosclerosis, and thereby help improve the outcome of cardiac and vascular surgery. Medistim’s activities are divided into two business units: Own Products Category and Third-Party Products Category.



Metso Oyj | Ticker: METSO HE | Mcap: EUR 8.4bn | Materials

Represented by: Pekka Vauramo, CEO

About: Metso Oyj provides process solutions, technologies, and services for the mining and metallurgical industries globally. The Company has five business areas: Aggregates, providing crushing and screening equipment for the production of the aggregates needed in construction and infrastructure projects.



Munters | Ticker: MTRS SS| Mcap: SEK 21.5bn / EUR 1.86bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Klas Forsström, CEO

About: Munters Group AB is a provider of energy efficient air treatment and and climate control solutions primarily within food, pharmaceutical and data center sectors. The Company is organized in four business areas: Air Treatment, Data Centers, AgHort and Mist Elimination, and supported by Global Operations and Global Services units.



Musti Group | Ticker: MUSTI HE | Mcap: EUR 0.65bn | Consumer Goods

Represented by: David Rönnberg, CEO & Toni Rannikko, CFO

About: Musti Group supplies a wide range of pet food products, treats and services. Musti Group serves customers in Finland, Sweden, and Norway and is the leading Nordic pet care specialist with a 22% market share in the Nordics (excluding Denmark).



NKT | Ticker: NKT DC | Mcap: DKK 17.4bn / EUR 2.34bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Line Andrea Fandrup, CFO

About: NKT has two divisions: a European cable manufacturer (NKT) and an R&D-intensive fibre optical components developer (Photonics), where the later is labelled as a discontinued operation due to the ongoing divestment. The main division is the power cable, which is among the leading power cable producers within Europe. Driven by the ongoing green transition and fast expanding use of renewable energy, NKT has an attractive exposure to the electrification of Europe. NKT was founded in 1891 and has its headquarter in Denmark. Its main competitors are Nexans and Prysmian.



Nordic Waterproofing | Ticker: NWG SS | Mcap: SEK 3.42bn / EUR 0.28bn | Materials

Represented by: Per-Olof Schrewelius, CFO

About: Nordic Waterproofing is a market leading company in the northern European waterproofing market. The company runs its operations in two segments, Products & Solutions (75% of sales) and Installation Services (25%) and for 2021 the company reported a 50-50 split between renovation and new builds.



RVRC Holding | Ticker: RVRC SS | Mcap: SEK 3.7bn / EUR 0.3bn | Consumer Discretionary

Represented by: Paul Fischbein, CEO

About: Revolution Race is a renowned and innovative outdoor clothing and gear company that has gained significant recognition in recent years. Founded in 2013, the company has successfully established itself as a market leader in providing high-quality and functional outdoor apparel for adventure enthusiasts, outdoor athletes, and nature lovers.



Storskogen Group | Ticker: STOR SS | Mcap: SEK 18.7bn / EUR 1.7bn | Financials

Represented by: Daniel Kaplan, CEO

About: Storskogen Group is a dynamic and rapidly growing Swedish holding company that specializes in acquiring and developing well-managed and profitable small to medium-sized businesses across a wide range of industries. Founded in 2012, Storskogen has established a solid reputation for its entrepreneurial spirit, hands-on approach, and long-term investment strategies.



Troax Group | Ticker: TROAX SS | Mcap: SEK 13.3bn / EUR 1.2bn | Basic Materials

Represented by: Anders Eklöf, CFO

About: Troax Group is a leading international provider of innovative and high-quality mesh panel solutions for industrial safety and security. With a history spanning over 70 years, Troax has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to create safe and secure working environments.



VBG Group | Ticker: VBGB SS| Mcap: SEK 4.4bn / EUR 0.3bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Anders Erkén, CEO & Fredrik Jigneus, CFO

About:  The VBG Group is an international industrial group with more than 1 800 employees in 14 countries. The Parent Company VBG Group AB is a long-term owner that provides active management of the Group’s three wholly owned divisions through considerable industrial expertise, a strong corporate culture and financial resilience.

The Group’s divisions – Truck & Trailer Equipment, Mobile Thermal Solutions and Ringfeder Power Transmission – develop, manufacture, market and sell products under strong, well-known brands all over the world.



Zealand Pharma | Ticker: ZEAL DC | Mcap: SEK 24.3bn / EUR 2.2bn | Health Care

Represented by: Adam Steensberg, President & CEO & Henriette Wennicke, CFO

About: Founded in 1998, Zealand Pharma is a Danish biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative peptide-based medicines. With a focus on targeting gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases, Zealand Pharma aims to improve the lives of patients by providing effective and safe therapeutic solutions.