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How to become a partner

We're looking for partners who share our view that financial skills and entrepreneurship can play a key role in creating a better society. If you believe a partnership with you would align well with our community engagement aims, we'd be very interested in hearing from you.

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All applications must be sent via our online form. You'll need to specify whether you're applying for a sponsored partnership, volunteering or donations. 

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Our focus areas

Supporting entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in society in terms of driving innovation and growth and creating jobs. Supporting entrepreneurs in building successful businesses is key for Nordea and we engage with entrepreneurs and startups in many ways. 

We provide mentoring and networking opportunities and run investor speed dating sessions and start-up programmes to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals and realise their visions. 

Building financial and digital skills

Training members of the community in financial and digital skills increases financial and digital literacy and inclusion and contributes to financial well-being. People with these skills can better manage their own finances and understand the risks involved, which makes it easier for them to fulfil their needs and realise their dreams. With their broad and deep financial and digital expertise and knowledge, Nordea’s employees have a unique opportunity to contribute to these outcomes through volunteering.

Through our own programmes and in cooperation with partners, we help young people to build a healthy and successful financial life for themselves. We also support citizens learning how to use digital tools for daily banking purposes, such as making mobile payments and verifying their identity. Every year, hundreds of our employees participate in programmes and partnerships in our local communities, reaching thousands of people. Contact a local Nordea office if you know of any school or other institution that would like a visit from us.

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