The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an account format used in most European countries, but also in many countries outside Europe. The IBAN contains information on which bank and which country the account belongs to. The IBAN is entered in the field reserved for the beneficiary’s account number, without spaces.

On this page, you will find a list of the structures for a specific country's IBAN. 


IBAN countries

Below you will find a list of the structures for a specific country's IBAN. They are not actual IBANs. 

Countries where IBAN is mandatory in cross border payments are marked with an asterisk *. 

For some countries where IBANs are mandatory, an additional IBAN-only principle applies. This principle implies that customers only need an IBAN to identify the beneficiary bank. Any other information related to the beneficiary's bank is derived from the IBAN by the sending bank.

If information on beneficiary’s bank is provided by a customer, even if it is not needed, it will be ignored and substituted by the information that can be derived from the IBAN. Countries where the IBAN-only principle applies are marked with two asterisks **. 

For payments out of Nordea Finland, the above mentioned IBAN-only principle only applies for SEPA Payments. 

Country Length First 2 characters (letters)
Albania* 28 an AL
Algeria 24 an DZ
Andorra* 24 an AD
Angola 25 an AO
Austria** 20 an AT
Azerbaijan* 28 an AZ
Bahrain* 22 an BH
Belarus* 28 an BY
Belgium** 16 an BE
Benin 28 an BJ
Bosnia and Herzegovina 20 an BA
Brazil 29 an BR
British Virgin Islands 24 an VG
Bulgaria** 22 an BG
Burkina Faso 27 an BF
Burundi 16 an BI
Cameroon 27 an CM
Cape Verde 25 an CV
Central African Republic 27 an CF
Congo 27 an CG
Costa Rica 21 an CR
Croatia** 21 an HR
Cyprus** 28 an CY
Czech Republic** 24 an CZ
Denmark** 18 an DK
Dominican Republic 28 an DO
Egypt 29 an EG
Estonia** 20 an EE
Faroe Islands* 18 an FO
Finland** 18 an FI
France** 27 an FR
French Guiana 27 an FR
French Polynesia 27 an FR
Gabon 27 an GA
Georgia* 22 an GE
Germany** 22 an DE
Gibraltar** 23 an GI
Greece** 27 an GR
Greenland* 18 an GL
Guadeloupe 27 an FR
Guatemala 28 an GT
Guernsey** 22 an GG
Hungary** 28 an HU
Iceland** 26 an IS
Iran 26 an IR
Iraq* 23 an IQ
Ireland** 22 an IE
Isle of Man** 22 an IM
Israel* 23 an IL
Italy** 27 an IT
Ivory Coast 28 an CI
Jersey** 22 an JE
Jordan* 30 an JO
Kazakhstan 20 an KZ
Kosovo 20 an XK
Kuwait* 30 an KW
Latvia** 21 an LV
Lebanon* 28 an LB
Liechtenstein** 21 an LI
Lithuania** 20 an LT
Luxembourg** 20 an LU
North Macedonia 19 an MK
Madagascar 27 an MG
Mali 28 an ML
Malta** 31 an MT
Martinique 27 an FR
Mauritania* 27 an MR
Mauritius 30 an MU
Moldova* 24 an MD
Monaco** 27 an MC
Montenegro 22 an ME
Mozambique 25 an MZ
Netherlands** 18 an NL
New Caledonia 27 an FR
Norway** 15 an NO
Pakistan* 24 an PK
Palestine, State of* 29 an PS
Poland** 28 an PL
Portugal** 25 an PT
Qatar* 29 an QA
Réunion 27 an FR
Romania** 24 an RO
Saint Lucia 32 an LC
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon 27 an FR
San Marino** 27 an SM
Sao Tome and Principe 25 an ST
Saudi Arabia* 24 an SA
Senegal 28 an SN
Serbia 22 an RS
Seychelles 31 an SC
Slovakia** 24 an SK
Slovenia** 19 an SI
Spain** 24 an ES
Sweden** 24 an SE
Switzerland** 21 an CH
Timor-Leste 23 an TL
Tunisia* 24 an TN
Turkey* 26 an TR
Ukraine 29 an UA
United Arab Emirates* 23 an AE
United Kingdom** 22 an GB
Vatican City State/the Holy See 22 an VA
Wallis and Futuna 27 an FR