Technology and data

We work in an agile setup implemented through DevOps principles. We invest in the basic pillars of DevOps: People, Process and Technology.

We deliver solutions in a resilient and secure way

We run the biggest digital banking business in the Nordics using modern technologies and the latest design. We operate in real-time electronic marketplaces, investing in innovation and standardisation, following industry best practices. We operate with state-of-the-art platforms and build innovative features on top. 

As a bank we need to be on top of stability, quality and security, following the financial industry regulatory requirements. It is crucial that our systems work and that we deliver solutions in a resilient and secure way.



We have an exciting variety of roles and you will have the opportunity to work in an environment that connects technology and banking.

We scale up through knowledge exchange

We have a unique culture, based on our Nordea values Collaboration, Passion, Courage and Ownership. We truly value team spirit, as we believe that we make greater achievements together. You will experience opportunities for both personal and professional growth and development within a unique work environment. 

Everything is learning

Continuous learning will enable you to stay relevant, competent and up to date with methodologies and practices. It allows you to contribute, grow and enjoy every day. 

In Nordea we provide different learning opportunities, and we learn from each other. Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom or via E-learning – you also learn through your job and from your colleagues. 

We also regularly organise technology events, such as hackathons and knowledge sharing sessions on important tools, practices and inspirational topics. 

We offer an exciting variety of roles

You will be among the first ones implementing new products or services for our customers, using the latest tools together with great colleagues. We are constantly looking for developers, analysts, execution leaders, architects, project and product managers, scrum masters, Solution Train Engineers and Release Train Engineers and specialists in different areas such as cyber security, data, infrastructure, application maintenance, AI & ML and quality assurance & testing. 

Meet our people

Markku - Senior Infrastructure Operations Specialist and  Finnish Employee Resource Group (ERG), Diversity & Inclusion Initiative member
I am able to fully contribute

Collaboration between various teams and colleagues from different parts of the organisation is fun, essential and supports the passion level, maintaining the ownership. I am also happy that Nordea supports ability variations among employees - I am able to fully contribute even having limited ability with sight and hearing.

I am proud to be a part of my team

I enjoy working with talented people delivering value to our customers. I am proud to be a part of my team because together we can create something greater than any of us could accomplish alone. It is exciting to see that something you do truly has an impact on other peoples lives. I also feel that Nordea is a good workplace to grow as a professional. With a supporting team, I can achieve anything.

Hanne  – IT Developer, Personalisation, Digital Engineering
Maciej - Data Warehouse Development
Wonderful team spirit

I go to work because of the people, they are ambitious, bring joy in all situations, always want to deliver the best and solve problems together as a team. There is always laughter at my daily work, a wonderful team spirit. I feel inspired we improve things through cross-collaboration and solve complex problems to make it simple for the customers.

Collaborative working environment

Technology plays a big part in Nordea’s competitiveness and success within the banking industry.  We have an incredibly collaborative working environment with free flow of ideas without hierarchy,  a ‘how-can-we-do-things-better’ culture.

Janine - Business & Institutional Technology Local Systems, Trading and Custody Operations
Teppo - Sales & Engagement, Digital Engineering
I enjoy creating solutions for millions of customers

Best things in Nordea are people and customers. I enjoy working with different people who have the same goal of developing great customer experiences. We work as a One Nordea Team, helping each other. Working in Digital Engineering, we develop customer facing services, creating valuable services to real customers. I enjoy creating solutions for millions of customers, and the impact we are making to their lives inspires me.

Passionate about our diversity & inclusion work

It’s cool to work in Nordea, I get to use my skills and help others to do it too. Participating in our excellent internal events, even if virtually in recent times, makes me feel closer to my colleagues. I am passionate about our diversity and inclusion work for equal opportunities for men and women. With courage, we empower and speak up against stereotypes.

Luiza - Core Development Services, Software Development Capability for JAVA