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Complex tech landscape

At Nordea, we believe in the power of technology to create more secure, efficient, and customer-centric future. Even though we come from a traditional background, we constantly adapt to stay on top of digitalisation. Our technology heritage serves as a foundation for creating new solutions.

We navigate the complexities of developing future banking technology while adhering to tight regulations. Furthermore, the scale of our organisation across countries and the sheer size of our business adds to the complexity of the tech that we work with.  We are early adopters of "best of breed" technology, constantly adapting to stay ahead and scale for our needs.

We work with traditional new technologies to scale and adapt to our business' and customers' changing needs.

Nowadays, money no longer sits in the bank physically, but lives digitally. That's why cybersecurity is absolutely crucial, especially in banking, where the stakes are high, and the threats are ever-evolving.

We are an employer for techies who are eager to take on these challenges of modernising and securing banking technology seamlessly.  

Traditional meets new


Caring beyond transactions

At Nordea, we go beyond financial transactions. 

We never stop caring about enabling the common good of society, ensuring our valued customers have the best customer experience, and supporting our colleagues wellbeing and continuous growth.

Making an impact

We provide easy and secure finance solutions, ensuring responsible banking practices that benefit society, our customers and our employees. 

We get to work on creating interesting solutions that impact over 10 million people daily, allowing them to focus on moments that matters. 

Our culture is our people

We are a people first company, both for our customers and our employees. We firmly believe that when our team members thrive, we can deliver the utmost in quality and safety.

Our international culture is built on mutual respect, authenticity, and shared successes.

Grow with us

We are not just a stop in your career journey; we are a lifelong learning hub, where experts come to grow, tackle new challenges, collaborate, and thrive.

Our community and leadership supports your growth and enables your dreams. This propels us forward.


Focus on quality

As a bank, we prioritise both quality and security, following the industry regulatory requirements to succeed and ensure that our customers get the best in class and safest experience.

Your contributions leave a lasting mark on the banking tech landscape.  

With over 200 years of rich history in banking, Nordea offers a stable environment for technology professionals.

Leaving a lasting mark


Growth opportunities

At Nordea, you will learn everyday—that’s a promise. 

Providing space for learning and growing is crucial for us to meet our customer’s needs - and for keeping us all inspired and relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Whether you're seeking vertical or horizontal growth we offer diverse opportunities to match your ambitions. 

Learning isn't confined to classrooms or e-learning modules; it's woven into every aspect of your role and amplified through mentoring, communities of practice, and interactions with colleagues within or outside your team.

Nordea’s investment in upskilling technology professionals is a priority, including: access to platforms like Udemy, using up to 10% of working time on formal studies, and opportunities for job rotation to expose employees to diverse teams and skill sets.

Moving your career forward


I enjoy creating solutions for millions of customers, and the impact we are making to their lives inspires me.

Best things in Nordea are people and customers. I enjoy working with different people who have the same goal of developing great customer experiences. We work as a One Nordea Team, helping each other. 

Working in Digital Engineering, we develop customer facing services, creating valuable services to real customers.

Teppo - Sales & Engagement, Digital Engineering

Teppo - Sales & Engagement, Digital Engineering

Hear from our teams

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Learn more about what it’s like to work in a company where navigating a complex tech landscape is a part of our day-to-day! 

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Meet our Tech talents

Navigating the Identity and Access Management Landscape at Nordea

“While the principles of IAM may seem straightforward, implementing them in large organisations like Nordea is complex and challenging. Managing a diverse range of identities and access rights requires meticulous planning, prioritisation, and collaboration across teams.”

Kaarina Satamo, Head of Identity Management

Kaarina Satamo, Head of Identity Management

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Collaborative working environment

Technology plays a big part in Nordea’s competitiveness and success within the banking industry. We have an incredibly collaborative working environment with free flow of ideas without hierarchy,  a ‘how-can-we-do-things-better’ culture.

Janine - Business & Institutional Technology Local Systems, Trading and Custody Operations

Janine - Business & Institutional Technology Local Systems, Trading and Custody Operations