15-11-2022 12:53

Slush 2022: Nordea brings investors and growth companies together

Nordea will once again enable growth companies and investors to explore cooperation opportunities at Slush. Nordea’s Startup & Growth unit is the single largest provider of bank financing to growth companies in Finland with close to EUR 1bn granted to date.

Investor Speed Dating connects investors with growth companies

“Startups play an important role in driving innovation and thereby in creating jobs. The startup community is becoming a new pillar of strength for Finland in terms of competitiveness and the vitality of Finnish society,” says Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Nordea’s Startup & Growth unit in Finland.

Traditionally, banks around the world have been hesitant to finance startups due to the higher-than-average risks associated with them. At the same time, Nordea’s Startup & Growth unit has been supporting entrepreneurs by offering services and advice tailored to growth companies and connecting them with investors since 2016. Holding an 80% share of the market, Nordea has provided close to EUR 1bn in growth financing to date.

For Nordea, fostering startup growth is not only a part of our business but a part of our corporate social responsibility.

“We share our business acumen and networks with the growth companies and work with them as their partner to put them on a growth path. Growing these companies also benefits society at large and promotes Finland’s country image abroad,” says Vesa Riihimäki. 

More than 70% of growth companies continue discussions after Speed Dating

Nordea collaborates with more than 200 Nordic and global private equity funds. A tangible example of this collaboration is Investor Speed Dating, a series of events allowing startups to meet private equity investors in person throughout the year. Once again, one of these events will be organised during Slush.

“We have received excellent feedback from the entrepreneurs and investors who have been on investor speed dates in the past. Nearly 70% of the growth companies continued discussions with the private equity investors they met up with and, as far as we know, more than 30% of the companies were successful in their funding rounds,” Teija Nousiainen, Deal Flow Manager from Nordea’s Startup & Growth unit, says..    

Investor Day Dinner – a large gathering of major private equity investors

On the Wednesday before Slush, Nordea will also hold an Investor Day Dinner for private equity investors from Finland and beyond. It has become one of the largest side events at Slush with around 500 investors expected to participate. Last year, the private equity funds represented at the event had a total investment capacity of some EUR 2,000bn.

“Over the years, Slush has gained significant exposure and interest globally, which has made it possible for Finnish growth companies to get funding from international private equity investors. We want to help Slush maintain its position and both Finnish and Nordic growth companies unlock further opportunities for growth,” Vesa Riihimäki concludes.

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Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Startup & Growth, Nordea, [email protected], +358 40 826 2009
Group Communication, [email protected], +358 09 4245 1006

SLUSH 2022

Slush, the largest global event for growth companies, will be held this year on 17-18 November in Helsinki. Nordea is now one of Slush Helsinki's main partners for the sixth year in a row. 

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