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How to get started with Nordea card and card reader

In order to use Nordea eID you need a Nordea card and card reader. When using Nordea card without cable it is not needed to install the Nordea card reader drivers or security software to your PC. Only when using card reader with USB-cable you are required to install the components. 

If you do not have a card and card reader please contact your local administrator or Nordea. e-legitimation users need a valid e-legitimation card.

Installing BankID Security Application and the Nordea card reader driver (only needed when using with cable solution).

  1. Verify that your computer meets the technical requirements.
  2. A person with administrator rights should make the installation on the PC or Mac.
  3. Download and install the BankID Security Application and then the driver for the Nordea card reader.


  1. Download BankID Security Application
  2. Please restart the PC.
  3. Download driver for card reader NCR1+ (exe, 3 MB)
    Download driver for card reader Argos Mini II 
  4. Please restart the PC.


  1. Download Bank ID Security application
  2. Download driver for card reader NCR1+ 
    For MAC OS version El Capitan (pkg, 93 KB)
    For older MAC OS versions (pkg, 290 KB)
    Download driver for card reader Argos Mini II (pkg, 290 KB)  

If you need any further assistance please contact your local Support