Ordinær generalforsamling 2020

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The General Meeting is the Company’s highest decision-making body, at which the shareholders exercise their voting rights. At the General Meeting decisions are taken regarding matters such as the annual accounts, dividend, election of the Board of Directors and auditor, and remuneration to Board members and auditor.
General Meetings are held in Helsinki.

Latest information about the General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Nordea Bank Abp was held at the headquarters of Nordea in Helsinki on 28 May 2020 by applying extraordinary meeting procedures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shareholders had the possibility to follow the AGM through a web stream. 2,321,708,016 shares and votes, corresponding to approximately 57.3 per cent of the total number of shares and votes in Nordea, were represented at the AGM. The AGM supported all the Board’s and the Shareholders’ Nomination Board’s proposals by at least 90 per cent of the votes cast.

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Meeting materials 

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2020 (pdf, 223 KB)

Notice to the Annual General Meeting (pdf, 309 KB)

Decision proposals  (pdf, 2 MB)

Proposal for revised Charter for the Shareholders’ Nomination Board of Nordea Bank Abp (pdf, 156 KB)

The CV of the proposed new member of the Board of Directors   (pdf, 77 KB)

Annual report 2019 (financial statements, report of the Board of Directors and Auditor’s report) (pdf, 7 MB)

Remuneration policy for governing bodies (pdf, 273 KB)

Privacy Policy 

Presentation by the President and Group CEO (pdf, 139 KB) 

Opening of the AGM by the Chairman of the Board

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Video presentation by the President and Group CEO

Ups! Tillad Marketing cookies for at se indhold som dette fra Nordea

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