Global Cash Pool

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Global Cash Pool

Optimise your accounts, liquidity and forecasting

Global Cash Pool is a balance netting cash concentration solution that provides you with access to group liquidity through a real-time, cross-border, multi-currency cash pooling structure.

The cash pool is topped by an off-balance multi-currency master account, holding the cash pool net balance in the currency of your choice. One on-balance top account per currency holds the pooled net balance in the respective currency. Global Cash Pool replaces multiple local cash pools and offers significant advantages to your group liquidity management.    


How Global Cash Pool can meet your challenges

Bank account simplification: Replace currency-specific, or local credit facilities, with only one single multi-currency credit facility on the master account. This caters for a group-wide optimisation of external short-term funding, minimising your credit cost. 

Custom-made structure for you: Global Cash Pool can be tailored to your requirements. The solution allows an unrestricted number of transaction accounts as well as single- or multi-currency summary accounts. 

Real-time liquidity overview: When funds are collected or withdrawn via a transaction account, the balance of the currency top account is instantly updated. The cover control for debits is made against the available balance of the master account. The global net balance is continuously and instantly available for use. 

Continuous and complete visibility: The full structure of your Global Cash Pool is available for on-line viewing through Nordea’s Corporate Netbank. Real-time information on transactions and balances is available to group and subsidiary level users. 

Minimised short-term external financing: Your available liquidity is fully accessible meaning you can improve net interest and reduce the need for external financing.

We're here to help you get started

Starting to use Global Cash Pool is simple. Existing transaction accounts can be converted into Global Cash Pool transaction accounts and linked to a Global Cash Pool structure tailor-made to meet your requirements. Contact your relationship manager in Nordea or our Corporate Netbank Support.

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