Multi-boutique strategy

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Multi boutique

Our approach to investing

More than ever, stability, consistency and quality have become key in the asset management business.

We are an active asset manager that aims to provide alpha and outcome solutions in every market condition.

Through our broad product palette we offer strategies that focus on delivering excess return compared to a certain benchmark and under a specific risk budget or target a defined outcome. 

We believe that outcome, as opposed to benchmark – oriented solutions, can also add significant value. To this effect, we have developed investment solutions that put stability at the core of their strategy.

To deliver and meet investor needs in all market conditions, we are pursuing a unique multi-boutique strategy.

Our multi-boutique strategy

As described above, we have adopted a multi-boutique approach to investing by:

  • Establishing segregated teams for key asset classes, allowing each team to focus on their primary activity: managing money. This also translates into retaining competence centres that generate higher freedom of action for the investment managers.
  • Combining the in-depth expertise of our internal boutiques with external boutiques revealing exclusive competences, in order to ensure that our clients benefit from a state of the art investment process for any asset class.

We are therefore not only in a position to add value to our clients in any market conditions, but also to propose a variety of solutions.

We believe that the success of our multi-boutique model lies on building on the strength of a boutique investment approach and combining them with the scale and stability of a large company.