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Graduate stories

Here is your chance to meet some of our Graduates, and hear what they say about being part of the programme and Nordea.

  • Stina Rathsach Andersen


    Why did you decide to join Nordea?

    There has been a big focus on the banking sector - changes in regulatory landscape, customer behavior, digitalization etc. Many banks are forced to trim and improve the quality of their balance sheets to meet customer demands through both relationships and digital solutions. Knowing that, I thought it would be very interesting to work with these challenges. Being Scandinavian’s largest bank, Nordea was attractive as I would be exposed to the challenges across all Nordic countries and at the same time widen my scope and responsibilities. 

    Fun fact: I am obsessed with music and whenever I discover a new song, it will be on repeat for days - my record is hearing
    a song  432 times. 

  • Niklas Jörgensen

    Niklas started as a Graduate in Nordea's Investment Products & Trading and now works as Senior Business Analyst in Robotics Center of Excellence. Hear him tell you more about why he enjoyed being a Graduate in Nordea.

  • Thea Stensaker


    What about Nordea are you proud of?

    I’m most proud of the culture and my co-workers at Nordea. You are constantly challenged, encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and at the same time your co-workers are there supporting you and pushing you to excel even further. It is a fun place to work with friendly and open people. If you are eager to learn, want to challenge yourself and “carve your own path”, then Nordea is the place for you.

    Fun fact: I held my first public speech when I was six years old! It was at Christmas Eve for approximately 400 people and I spoke about compassion (nestekjærlighet in Norwegian) and how we should remember to take care of each other.

  • Amel Gaily

    Amel is a former graduate and has held several senior positions since completing the programme. She is now working as a Master Expert in Frameworks & Risk Processes. Hear about her decision to join Nordea and what advice she'd give future graduates.

  • Tobias Björch


    Why should Graduates join Nordea?

    Joining Nordea as a Graduate gives you the opportunity to work in a company that has high ambitions, great people and is going through a major transformation. As a Graduate, you have an important role to play within that transformation. While working with interesting initiatives you are at the same time given the
    time to work on your personal development to help realize
    your aspirations.

    Fun fact: I am afraid of heights but still had bungy jumping on my bucket list. When I went to New Zealand I felt compelled to challenge myself and give it a try. It was important to show to myself that curiosity beats fear. Unfortunately, I'm now even more scared of heights.

  • Bettina Vänskä


    Bettina is a former Graduate, and she is now working as a Business Analyst. Find out why she applied for the programme and why she highly recommends other graduates to join Nordea.

  • Nikolaus Kulier


    The best about working at Nordea?

    I thrive in a dynamic environment. Nordea and the financial industry are undergoing a significant transformation and we are seeing new challenges and opportunities arise every day. So, I think this is a very interesting time to be part of Nordea, as we are just transforming ourselves into a new kind of company, which calls for passionate and creative minds. What I really like is that I have the feeling that I can actively contribute to this change.

    Fun fact: One time, I went from -58 m to 4.000 m altitude in 24 hours! I had hiked Death Valley in an afternoon and the next morning hiked the highest peak in Yellowstone National Park. Not the best idea I ever had, but I survived to tell the tale.

  • Alicja Kawecka


    What is the best part about working at a large Nordic company?

    I’m passionate about helping people. I love to help customers, and for me, it is very motivating to receive feedback from a satisfied customer. Then I know my work is important and that I’m able to have a positive impact on people’s lives where I bring them value. I also enjoy helping colleagues and I’m convinced that we become better when we collaborate. If you share my passion, you’ll have endless possibilities in Nordea.

    Fun fact: I am a hardcore board game enthusiast. All my friends know if they come over, they cannot leave until there is a clear winner! My board game playing record is 16 hours. 

  • Camilla Jacobsen

    Meet Camilla Jacobsen and hear about her life as a Graduate at Nordea and in the biggest trading floor in Norther Europe.

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