Wednesday 23rd August

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AddTech | Ticker: ADDTB SS | Mcap: SEK 45.6bn / EUR 4.3bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Niklas Stenberg, CEO & Malin Enarson, CFO

About: AddTech offers high-tech industrial components and systems. The Company creates customer specific solutions within the areas Equipment, Transmission, and Components.

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AFRY | Ticker: AFRY SS | Mcap: SEK 18.1bn / EUR 1.7bn | Business Services

Represented by: Jonas Gustavsson, CEO & Juuso Pajunen, CFO

About: AF Poyry, doing business as AFRY, provides engineering services. The Company offers designing and consulting services in energy, industry, and infrastructure sectors.

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ALK-Abello | Ticker: ALKB DC | Mcap: DKK 27.6bn / EUR 3.7bn | Healthcare 

Represented by: Per Plotnikof, Head of Corporate Communications & Strategic Planning

About: ALK is a global, research-driven pharmaceutical company that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

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Arjo | Ticker: ARJOB SS | Mcap: SEK 19.3bn / EUR 1.8bn | Healthcare 

Represented by: Joacim Lindoff, CEO

About: Arjo develops, manufactures, and markets medical equipment for elderly and disabled patients. The Company offers medical beds, flusher disinfectors, prevention pumps, hygiene lifts, and shower systems. 

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Avanza | Ticker: AZA SS | Mcap: SEK 36.4bn / EUR 3.5bn | Financials

Represented by: Rikard Josefson, CEO

About: The internet bank Avanza primarily derives its sales from stock commission, fund provisions and net interest. Avanza Bank Holding AB (publ), together with its subsidiaries, provides online stock trading services. Avanza Bank Holding AB (publ) was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Beijer Alma | Ticker: BEIAB SS | Mcap: SEK 11.8bn / EUR 1.1bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Henrik Perbeck, CEO

About: Beijer Alma, through subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and markets industrial components. The Company makes specialty cables, industrial springs and wire components, valves, dampers, and ventilators.

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Beijer Ref | Ticker: BEIJB SS | Mcap: SEK 61.1bn / EUR 5.8bn | Capital Goods 

Represented by: Christopher Norbye, CEO & Ulf Berghult, CFO

About: Beijer Ref, through subsidiaries, manufactures cooling and heating systems, and is a supplier of raw materials, industrial equipment, tools, and parts. The Company's product range includes rubber and plastic products, packing materials, as well as air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

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BEWI | Ticker: BEWIME NO | Mcap: NOK 10bn / EUR 1.01bn | Materials

Represented by: Christian Bekken, CEO

About: BEWI ASA promotes itself as a leading company of packaging, components and insulation solutions within the European markets where it is active. BEWI is also one of the largest integrated producers of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in Europe. Information from the company shows us that it is strategically integrated throughout the value chain, with annual production capacity of 185,000 tonnes of the raw material EPS beads. The company claims market leadership within Packaging & Components and Insulation in several European countries. EPS, also called cellular plastic foam, is used in food packaging, pharmaceuticals, technical components, insulation material for buildings, and infrastructure.

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Electrolux Professional (EPRO) | Ticker: EPROB SS | Mcap: SEK 17.8bn / EUR 1.7bn | Consumer Goods

Represented by: Alberto Zanata, CEO

About: Electrolux Professional is one of the leading global providers of food service, beverage and laundry solutions, serving a wide range of customers globally, from restaurants and hotels to healthcare, educational and other service facilities. The company was separated from Electrolux in March 2020.

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Fortnox | Ticker: FNOX SS | Mcap: SEK 30.7bn / EUR 2.9bn | Technology

Represented by: Tommy Eklund, CEO

About: Fortnox AB engages in the provision of Internet-based business applications for small and medium sized companies. It offers services such as software for accounting, invoicing, direct debit, orders, salaries, time tracking, facility records, and file location. The company was founded by Jens Collskog and Jan Fortnox in 2001 and is headquartered in Vaxjo, Sweden.

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Hexatronic | Ticker: HTRO SS | Mcap: SEK 17.7bn / EUR 1.7bn | Technology 

Represented by: Jaakko Kivinen, Board Member

About: Hexatronic is a provider of fibre network solutions, especially FTTH, the part of the network closest to the customer. 

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Lifco | Ticker: LIFCOB SS | Mcap: SEK 91.8bn / EUR 8.8bn | Capital Goods 

Represented by: Per Waldemarson, CEO

About: Lifco operates as a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides dental products, machinery and tools, sawmill equipment, contract manufacturing, vehicle interiors, and environmental technology. 

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Lime | Ticker: LIME SS | Mcap: SEK 3.7bn / EUR 0.4bn | Technology 

Represented by: Nils Olsson, CEO & Magnus Hansson, CFO

About: Lime Technologies is a Swedish SaaS company in the CRM niche which operates two main products Lime CRM and Lime Go. As Lime integrates the whole value chain the company gets closer to the customer and therefore hope to be able to provide a more personalised service. 

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Musti Group | Ticker: MUSTI FH | Mcap: EUR 0.6bn | Consumer Goods

Represented by: David Rönnberg, CEO, Toni Rannikko, CFO & Essi Nikitin, Head of IR and Communications

About: Musti Group supplies a wide range of pet food products, treats and services. Musti Group serves customers in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

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Nordic Waterproofing | Ticker: NWG SS | Mcap: SEK 4.1bn / EUR 0.4bn | Materials

Represented by: Per-Olof Schrewelius, CFO

About: Nordic Waterproofing is a market leading company in the northern European waterproofing market. The company runs its operations in two segments, Products & Solutions (75% of sales) and Installation Services (25%) and for 2021 the company reported a 50-50 split between renovation and new builds.

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QT Group | Ticker: QTCOM FH | Mcap: EUR 2.1bn | IT

Represented by: Jouni Lintunen, CFO

About: QT Group is a technology company which engages in QT development, productization, and licensing under commercial and open-source licenses.

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RugVista | Ticker: RUG SS | Mcap: SEK 1.5bn / EUR 0.1bn | Retail

Represented by: Michael Lindskog, CEO

About: With more than 2.7 million visits per month in its online store, RugVista is one of the leading European direct-to-consumer online platforms within rugs, using the RugVista and CarpetVista brands. The company’s offerings is available for B2C, B2B, as well as Marketplaces & Other.

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RVRC | Ticker: RVRC SS | Mcap: SEK 8.3bn / EUR 0.8bn | Retail

Represented by: Jesper Alm, CFO

About: Revolution Race (RVRC) is a digital-native global direct-to-consumer (D2C) active outdoor lifestyle brand company. The main pillar of the customer proposition is to offer high-quality outdoor apparel at significantly lower prices than comparable products offered by its competitors. To enable this, the company sells directly to consumers with no middlemen, solely through the online channel.

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SBB | Ticker: SBBB SS | Mcap: SEK 44.3bn / EUR 4.2bn | Real Estate

Represented by: Ilija Batljan, CEO

About: SBB i Norden operates as a real estate company. The Company owns, develops, and manages real estate properties.

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Scatec | Ticker: SCATC NO | Mcap: NOK 15bn / EUR 1.5bn | Energy

Represented by: Mikkel Tørud, CFO

About: Scatec ASA (Scatec) is an integrated independent producer of solar power that develops, builds, owns and operates solar power plants. The company conducts project origination and development, project financing, design and engineering, procurement and construction management, operation and maintenance, and asset management.

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Storskogen | Ticker: STORB SS | Mcap: SEK 28.3bn / EUR 2.7bn | Financials

Represented by: Daniel Kaplan, CEO

About: Storskogen was established in 2012 through the acquisitions of Berco, STV and ÅMV Productions, with the ambition of acquiring stable and profitable small and medium-sized businesses in various industries. Since then, the company has presented an impressive growth journey, in which this journey is likely far from over given its newly launched international expansion to broaden its M&A scope and diversify the business.

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Swedencare | Ticker: SECARE SS | Mcap: SEK 15.0bn / EUR 1.4bn| Business Services

Represented by: Håkan Lagerberg, CEO and/or Jenny Graflind, CFO

About: Swedencare AB specialises in pet healthcare and produces partly in own factories, markets and sells premium products on the global market. The company has a wide range of brands and products within most therapy areas, which includes Animal Pharmaceuticals, nutravet, NutriScience, PetMD, Stratford, VetWELL as well as ProDen PlaqueOff for oral health to dogs and cats.

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TF Bank | Ticker: TFBANK SS | Mcap:  SEK 3.3bn / EUR 0.3bn | Financials

Represented by: Mattias Carlsson, CEO

About: TF Bank operates digitally through three service lines: Consumer lending, Credit cards and E-commerce solutions. The company provides unsecured consumer loans, credit cards and deposits directly to consumers and e-commerce payment solutions to merchants.

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Uponor | Ticker: UPONOR FH | Mcap: EUR 1.2bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Markus Melkko, CFO

About: Uponor is a building products supplier. It manufactures a full range of water pipes: smaller diameter pipes are used to deliver drinking water and larger ones for infrastructure water networks and dirty water transportation.

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VOI Technology | Consumer Discretionary

Represented by: Mathias Hermansson CFO and Deputy CEO

About: Voi Technology operates as an e-scooter startup company. The Company offers electrically powered scooters around urban centers.

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Zealand Pharma | Ticker: ZEAL DC | Mcap: DKK 8.3bn / EUR: 1.1bn | Healthcare

Represented by: Adam Steensberg, President & CEO

About: Zealand Pharma A/S is a biotechnology company. It is focused on the discovery, design, and development of peptide-based medicines. Its products include soliqua 100/33/suliqua and adlyxin. The firm focuses on gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic diseases. Its product pipeline includes dasiglucagon, glepaglutide, and dual glucagon product candidates.

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