This year, we will host more than 70 Nordic companies, where management teams will share their views with us in a more dynamic fireside chat format.

We have great pleasure in inviting you to Nordea Equities’ annual Small and Mid Cap Days 2024.

For further information on presenting companies and companies with 1:1 availability, please use the tabs at top of page to navigate. 

Information regarding contact details and travel is below.

Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd August 2024

Nordea, Ground floor, Smålandsgatan 17, Stockholm, Sweden

Travel information

Below you will find a list of hotels we recommend which are located close to our Nordea Office. If you need assistance, we kindly request that you contact our Corporate Access Team to inquire about our corporate rates and available discount codes.

Nobis Hotel
At Six

We can also recommend to enquire at the following hotel:

Bank Hotel
Berns Hotel
Haymarket by Scandic
Hotel Kung Carl
Scandic Anglais


Depending on your payment model, a separate cost may be debited for this event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Corporate Access team: Jo.Tucker [at] (Jo[dot]Tucker[at]nordea[dot]com) 

Contact info

For general enquiries: EventsSweden-NordeaEquities [at] (EventsSweden-NordeaEquities[at]nordea[dot]com)

Nordea Corporate Access Contacts

Karina Koch Andersen karina.koch.andersen [at] (karina[dot]koch[dot]andersen[at]nordea[dot]com)   +45 55 46 54 69 
Sabrina Wermuth Askløf sabrina.wermuth.asklof [at] (sabrina[dot]wermuth[dot]asklof[at]nordea[dot]com)    +45 55 47 22 72
Finland, Central Europe 
Nea Härkönen   nea.harkonen [at] (nea[dot]harkonen[at]nordea[dot]com) +358 505691041
Elias Øverland    elias.overland [at] (elias[dot]overland[at]nordea[dot]com)  +47 92620015
Anna K. Nilsson anna.k.nilsson [at] (anna[dot]k[dot]nilsson[at]nordea[dot]com)    +46  70 414 69 66 
Janina Zaarour janina.zaarour [at] (janina[dot]zaarour[at]nordea[dot]com) +46 72 145 74 25
United Kingdom 
Laura Dalton  laura.dalton [at] (laura[dot]dalton[at]nordea[dot]com) +44 (0) 203 967 9025
Jo Tucker  jo.tucker [at] (jo[dot]tucker[at]nordea[dot]com)    +44 (0) 207 726 0800


For 1:1 enquiries: Anna Nilsson, anna.k.nilsson [at] (anna[dot]k[dot]nilsson[at]nordea[dot]com) 

We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm!