FFP #4: Learning from the best & getting lasting friends – meet Sanna, research analyst

05-08-2021 09:00

"I find it super rewarding that I get so much responsibility and gain trust from my fellow colleagues at an early stage. I am learning from the best, and help is always nearby," tells Sanna who works as assistant analyst in equity research. Learn about her everyday life as FFP which is so much more than hard work.

By Sanna Perälä (25) – Deep diving into business as assistant analyst at Equity Research

I work as an Assistant Analyst at the Equity Research team. I am finishing my Master’s studies at Aalto University School of Business with a major in Economics. Come next autumn, I will be in Austria, writing my Master’s thesis and completing my last courses for the Uni.

As an FFP at Equity Research, my main responsibility includes writing the morning report which is sent out every morning before the market opens. The task includes collecting various market data and writing company specific texts in Finnish, which has taught me a great deal about the stock market and Finnish companies, in a very short period of time. I feel it is an advantage that I can dive this deep into the business with just one task.

When my morning duties are done at around 10am, I typically assist our senior colleagues with their daily work; my tasks would include e.g. collecting data, writing market or company descriptions, going through news and attending client meetings.

Extremely interesting IPO projects

During my summer, I have also been involved in a couple of IPO projects, which I have found extremely interesting. The IPO pipeline has been busy this year, and I hope there are even more projects to come. My days are challenging, sometimes including long hours, and I need to stay on my toes since anything can happen on the market, at anytime! And I enjoy it, getting to learn new things every day.

At Equity Research Finland, we focus on analysing Finnish listed companies and giving recommendations (whether to buy, hold or sell) and support to our clients, mainly large Finnish institutions. We are in constant dialogue with the Equity Sales team, and I spent two weeks at the Equity Sales desk learning about their work in order to become a better analyst myself.

Learning from the best

As my experience here at Equity Research has increased, so have my responsibilities. Lately, I have had the chance to start analysing a company on my own. I find it super rewarding that I get so much responsibility and gain trust from my fellow colleagues at an early stage. I am learning from the best analysts in the field, and help is always nearby if needed. The absolutely best thing about Nordea Markets and the FFP programme is that you are always surrounded by the very best professionals in their own expertise – as well as very friendly and helpful.

Building lasting friendships

The FFP summer here is of course much more than work. The fellow FFP colleagues make the summer so much more lively, and at best, you bond friendships that last for life. In addition to our regular lunches together or coffee breaks at the courtyard, we have had a couple of get-togethers.

We have monthly FFP events, and amongothers, we have had beach Olympics, and a real-life ‘The Apprentice’, where we cracked some cases for a company, and then pitched our ideas to them. It was highly educational, interesting and fun – and exciting as each team was aiming at winning ‘The Apprentice’. But there can be only one! We had a great time – cracking the case and celebrating the winners.

Left: Team 1 and 2 cracking the ‘The Apprentice’ case. To the right, the winning team and some celebration, drinks and good fun in the summer sun.

Our Fun Managers have really put effort into making the most and best out of the summer in spite of the unfortunate pandemic situation. I am really looking forward to our last event, not to mention the upcoming work and challenges at the office.

Spending a summer as FFP here at Nordea is definitely something you should experience yourself – I strongly recommend it 😉.

Harri Tiitinen and Sanna Perälä at the Nordea trading floor in Helsinki.
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