20-06-2018 09:44

FX Algorithms – putting the computers to work

Algorithmic trading has become popular for foreign exchange trading in recent years, driven by strong demand.
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Algorithmic trading has become popular for foreign exchange trading in recent years driven by strong demand among corporate investors and institutional traders. An algorithm (algo) is a set of instructions to a computer to execute a specific order given a price, volume and the liquidity available in the market.

Nordea customers with interest in the FX markets have long had the ability to access markets directly via electronic channels. Despite the heavily electronic nature of the market algorithmic trading has until now been limited.

At Nordea we have lately experienced a larger demand for the use of algos from investors and our corporate clients. For these clients algos are sophisticated tools that allow them to access multiple sources of liquidity and improve trading performance. Another favourable aspect is that algos allow the user to have control over the information leakage through parametrization of the aggressiveness of the algo.

“Execution algos give traders another option to quickly and intelligently execute their FX transaction. Algos allow traders to access a greater number of liquidity pools, control market impact, increase spread capture and minimise information leakage. With so much FX volume executable electronically investors are more frequently turning to algos to help them apply the insights provided by TCA (Transaction Cost Analysis) and ultimately improve investment performance.”

Kasper Folke, Head of eFX at Nordea Markets.

With new regulation being introduced (MiFID II and MiFIR) we have also seen an increased focus on best execution, transparency and TCA to optimize trading performance. FX algos address this by providing our clients an intelligent solution to access Nordea’s unique FX liquidity.

When to use FX algos?

The deciding factors on the suitability of using FX algos are the flow and potential market impact your transaction may have. To help you Nordea Markets have established an Execution desk staffed with our dedicated specialists. “Our specialists are ready to support you with proper market colour and liquidity conditions intraday. We will help you in choosing between FX algos and other types of risk transfer solutions”, says Aku Hentilä, Head of Execution Desk at Nordea Markets.

If your goal is to achieve optimal execution on your FX transactions while reducing transaction cost and minimising market impact, then you should consider FX algos from Nordea. When trading using Nordea’s FX algos you partner with cutting edge technology and access to unique scandie liquidity. We provide a suite of six algos divided into two families of algos: benchmarking and execution optimisation. As the biggest Nordic bank we are uniquely positioned to provide you with FX algos that will make your transaction fit current market liquidity.

Nordea’s FX algo offering covers your needs giving you transparency, ease of use and unique access to liquidity in the Nordic currency market.