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Meet Nordea's Group Financial Crime Prevention Graduates

08-12-2022 16:37

Three months ago Lisa Bäckroos, Alina Lind, Sara Louhevirta and Philipp Spiess started their careers as graduates in a very crucial area: Group Financial Crime Prevention (GFCP). Read more about how they have enjoyed this work from day one and the important responsibilities they have to protect Nordea, our customers and society from financial crime.

by Lisa Bäckroos, Alina Lind, Sara Louhevirta and Philipp Spiess

What is financial crime prevention all about?

Group Financial Crime Prevention is a unit with close to 2,000 employees across the Nordics, Estonia and Poland who aim to protect Nordea, its customers and society from financial crime, such as money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and corruption. Within the GFCP organisation there are units focusing on different areas of financial crime prevention, such as Sanctions, Transaction Monitoring, and Know Your Customer. GFCP is a constantly growing unit with a great variety of opportunities to help track down and stop money flow from unlawful activities and take responsibility for being part of the solution.

Why did you apply for the Nordea graduate programme?

Lisa: The job ad immediately caught my interest, even though I had never thought about working within financial crime prevention before. Being part of preventing criminal activities and deep diving into areas like terrorist financing and sanctions seemed like a fantastic opportunity for me to develop and kick-start my career.

Sara: I actually had experience working in a Nordea branch as a summer trainee, and since then I have been fascinated with financial crime related matters. Before that it was very unclear for me what I wanted to do after university. But now, I feel like I have found my place.

Alina: I decided to apply because I was curious to acquire business knowledge, learn financial crime detection tools as well as take part in making Nordea the safest and most trusted bank in the region.

Philipp: My interest towards financial crime prevention started with lectures during my studies. I also heard about GFCP from my friend who works at Nordea, and their experience inspired me to apply to be a Nordea graduate, especially because of all the learning and growth opportunities Nordea provides.

Alina, Sara, Lisa, Philipp

What are you working on in your current rotation?

Lisa, Alina, Sara and Philipp all started their journey in the same unit – Financial Crime Risk Management Strategy & Execution.

Sara: I am currently working with a project where the aim is to improve internal process between GFCP and Nordea’s business areas. Working in a project with strategic and ambitious goals has been extremely rewarding and in this position, I have been able to meet people from all around GFCP and beyond.

Lisa: I am involved in the internal reporting process regarding financial crime, as well as external reporting to Financial Supervisory Authorities in the Nordic countries. The work has given me great insight into how financial crime risks are measured and monitored within Nordea, as well as how information is communicated to Nordea management.

Alina: I am supporting stakeholders by providing ad-hoc data analysis regarding different areas of financial crime. I am also working on a long-term project related to Transaction Monitoring technical documentation. These tasks provide me with an overview of how data is sourced, structured and the role Nordea plays – and I can say that data is crucial in financial crime prevention!

Philipp: In my current rotation, I am involved in the data governance process of reporting to different Financial Supervisory Authorities. Being at the intersection of regulatory reporting, data governance, and measures of financial crime risk exposure has provided many learning opportunities for me. Furthermore, my on-the-job learning has been complemented by graduate workshops to support my personal and professional growth.

What has been a highlight of your experience as a graduate so far?

One of the highlights for all of us is the cross-cultural environment at Nordea. All the teams in GFCP consist of people from all around the world and you don’t need to speak a Nordic language to succeed. Even though the four of us have different backgrounds we enjoy the international atmosphere, working together and with our diverse stakeholders and learning something new every day.

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