My first bootcamp as a Nordea graduate

25-10-2022 13:20

Meet Hedvig, Business Analyst, and hear about her experience meeting fellow 2022 graduates at their first bootcamp in Helsinki.

By Hedvig Ernst

I graduated with a Master in Industrial Management and Engineering from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden in June. In September 2022, I started as a full-time graduate in Asset and Wealth Management, Investment Services & Development in Copenhagen.

Last week, all 2022 graduates met at Nordea HQ in Finland for our first bootcamp. The purpose of the trip was to get a chance to meet our peers in the Nordics and to better understand the organisation and our business.

Day 1

Excitement and nervousness in the room

As soon as I entered the room I could feel the excitement and nervousness radiating from my peers, and I was so eager to meet all of my fellow graduates. After a short welcome from the graduate manager we had lunch together in the Finnish canteen – very cosy and really good food!

After lunch it was time for our first panel discussion with some of the leaders from the four business areas: Personal Banking, Business Banking, Large Corporates & Institutions and Asset & Wealth Management. I found it interesting that all four leaders on the panel had worked at Nordea for over 25 years and still are discovering new possibilities and ways to support customers.  

Kind and helpful

After the panel we needed a well-deserved break with coffee, cake and networking. Everyone was really excited to meet each other and talk about our different experiences working at Nordea so far. I think we all shared at least one experience – very kind and helpful colleagues and leaders.

The rest of day one consisted of two inspiring presentations where we, for example, learned about ‘Nordea in numbers’, which gave us a good overview of what it’s like to work with investors.

We ended the day with a dinner together, where could once again meet and have thought-provoking discussions. We decided to continue the night out in the city together to socialise even more.

Day 2

Insightful input from Nordea’s leaders and customers

Day two started with a panel, this time with Group Leadership Team (GLT) members. They discussed their careers, challenges within their positions and life lessons that we could all learn from. While the GLT members have different experiences, they had similar helpful tips for us: go for the opportunities that come to you and never be afraid to ask questions. Stop doubting yourself –  you are chosen to be in the room because someone believed that you have what it takes to contribute.

After the panel we got to meet one of Nordea’s biggest customers in Finland and ask questions about the relationship between the corporation and the bank. It gave valuable insight into what it’s like to work with large corporates and the challenges they face.

Happy after two great days together – the 2022 Nordea graduates in Finland.

Networking is key

We ended day two and the bootcamp with more networking. We are over 80 people in total, so getting to know everyone in just two days was tricky, but I’m grateful that we have now met each other in-person and know a bit more about what each of us are working on.

Whenever I talk to people in Nordea, they always highlight the importance of networking and I am really starting to understand why. It is not only a great way to meet new people and colleagues but it is also great for your career. I sometimes find it difficult to know who to reach out to ask certain things since I am new in the organisation. But after attending the bootcamp and seeing how big the network of colleagues is, I think it will get much easier.

The bootcamp not only helped me see the possibilities for my future career in Nordea after discussions with inspiring leaders, but also helped me make new friends. We are people from all over the world in the graduate programme, which is inspiring, fun and eye-opening. What a great way to start my Nordea career.

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