My first year as a Graduate in Nordea

21-11-2022 10:36

Meet Mats Olsen Myrland, Management Partner in Business Banking Norway. Mats is on his second and final year in the Graduate programme. Read more about why he applied to the programme, his experience being a graduate in Nordea and the opportunities it’s brought him.

by Mats Olsen Myrland

Hi Mats, you have now been a graduate in Nordea for a year and have started your second and last year of the programme. Why did you chose to apply for the Nordea Graduate programme?

I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, so the Nordea Graduate programme seemed like a great opportunity to test several different roles in an international organisation. I also wanted to  meet and connect with other graduates from across the Nordics and all corners of the bank. And my expectations have definitely been met!

What has been the best part of being a graduate so far?

I would for sure say the variety of challenges. During my first year I had a wide range of responsibilities, from product development and strategic advisory, to teaching customers about our new netbank, to organising a recruitment event.

What would be your advice for others that would like to start as a graduate in Nordea?

Be curious and find your passion. Based on my experience here, I believe that everyone can find a role that truly suits them in Nordea. With Nordea being the largest bank in the Nordics, it is of course in my mind the perfect place for everyone interested in local and international finance and bank advisory. However, Nordea is also a large, diverse organisation which needs all types of profiles, from talent acquisition experts and management consultants, to legal specialists and passionate communicators (in Norway we even have our own influencer!).

What does a typical day look like for you?

My days are very diverse. In my current rotation I work as a strategic advisor to senior management, meaning that my day will vary a lot depending on what is happening that week. During my time here I have done so many exciting tasks, like preparing material for a TV interview and developing next year's execution plan for our 2025 strategy. This variety in daily tasks also means that I get to collaborate with a wide range of different stakeholders, from Group Financial Management to Group Brand, Communication and Marketing.

Do you have any fun facts or words of wisdom you would like to share?

I would be happy to pass on some words of wisdom which I have gotten from several leaders in Nordea: “The key to doing a good job is doing something you really enjoy”. And by applying to the Graduate programme you get the chance to find out what you are truly passionate about!


On the 16th of January you can apply to the Nordea Graduate programme with a start 1st of September 2023. Come and join us!

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