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NO #2: “Super pro and so welcoming” are some first impressions – see what else?

14-07-2021 09:00

As our six talented summer interns continue their journey at the trading floor in Oslo, they reveal what the first two weeks with us has been like, telling about their tasks - incl. complicated instruments, modelling, bonds, ESG ... - and about their first impressions of the people, the culture and more. Here we go!

By Martine, Ari, Signe, Peder, Eirin and Vetle.

In the photo, from left: Signe, Peder, Martine, Vetle, Eirin and Ari. 

We are six interns who started our summer adventure at Nordea in Oslo on Monday June 21st, all excited for a journey of steep development during our internship. An early impression is that the internship is super professional, and structured in a way for us to learn as much as possible.

Additionally, the friendliness of the employees at Nordea was articulated from day one: “All the people we have met are so welcoming and open to speak with about their profession and business areas”. That has been mentioned several times by us. Furthermore, we have been able to speak one-on-one with several colleagues in Nordea enabling us to build relationships and network early on.

Throughout the next eight weeks, we will circulate between divisions and participate in projects across several areas. For starters, we’ll now provide a short summary of how and with what we have spent our first two weeks.

Eirin & Peder: We have been working in investment banking, more specifically in corporate finance. The two of us have been included in real active projects, where tasks mainly consist of preparation of presentation material and research. A very exciting takeaway is that we have been fortunate enough to participate in the entire process including meetings and presentation of the material.

Martine & Vetle: We started our internship working for Large Corporates & Institutions (LC&I). Here we are analysing and researching the market for real estate development and contractors. Complicated debt instruments make the work challenging but also interesting. Throughout the first week, we have spoken to many experts within the bank which have provided valuable insight into factors affecting real estate markets, such as interest rates, commodity prices and ESG-factors.

Ari: My first project is to work with Equity Research, regarding a potential coverage of a company. During this period, I’ve written a full initiation of coverage report which includes topics such as macro, technology, ESG, etc. In addition to this, I’ve created a financial model which generates a fair share price for the company. It has been a steep learning curve, with tons of reading material and modelling. In return, this project has been very educational and will certainly be a useful experience.

Signe: I started off working in the DCM division, deep diving into bonds. I’ve worked on a live case, participated in making an investor presentation and got to join client meetings. During the first week, I’ve gained a better understanding of how the process of issuing bonds works.

The upcoming week, we will rotate to new projects, and we will certainly write another blog to keep you updated on what and how we are doing and dealing with new exciting challenges!

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And stay tuned – there are more blogs coming your way ;-)!

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