Nordea is filled with passionate people always up for a coffee or to share knowledge – only your own curiosity sets the limits

21-12-2023 10:17

Meet Rikke - our People graduate in Copenhagen working with Talent Management, who joined the programme in September 2023. Rikke graduated from University of Southern Denmark with a Msc in Economics and Business Administration - Human Resource Management. Read more about her journey within Nordea and being a Graduate.

Why did you choose to apply to the Nordea Graduate Programme?

I’d actually already been working at Nordea for quite some time before applying to the graduate programme – first as a student assistant and then for a year full time. Both jobs were in a different Group Functions than where I am currently and I’ve truly appreciated having had room to grow and find my way within Nordea. I’ve always been really proud to have started my career at Nordea, not least because of the many development opportunities, but also because I believe that we truly live our values and that we are mindful of our responsibility considering our role in society and as the leading bank in the Nordics. 

I saw the Graduate Programme as an excellent opportunity to deepen my knowledge within a field that I am passionate about while finding my desired career path, and as a great opportunity to develop my competencies continuously on a steep learning curve, while deep-diving into the company. 

What have you enjoyed most about the Graduate Programme so far?

These first four months have flown by, but so far I think the best part of the Graduate Programme has been the level of trust and responsibility that I’ve already been given, and the fact that people are so keen to collaborate and share knowledge in their area of expertise, unit, and experiences – I truly appreciate how welcoming everyone has been and I think that all of these networking opportunities will help shape my journey at Nordea. I’ve always felt that there was room to grow, and that Nordea is filled with passionate people who are always up for a coffee or to share knowledge – so it’s only your own curiosity that sets the limits. 

I’m excited about the years ahead – I think I will be empowered even more, both through learning opportunities and training courses associated with the programme, but also through the upcoming rotations that will deepen my skillset even further. It will undoubtedly also be challenging and I expect to be pushed out of my comfort zone, but I think it will truly boost both my personal and professional development. 

What would be your advice for others considering applying to the Nordea Graduate Programme? 

To apply and start discovering the wealth of opportunities afforded by working for a large organisation. It’s okay to not know exactly what you want to do or where you want to end up in the organisation – but be curious, take ownership and be the driver of your own career! Embrace and seek out all of the learning opportunities that you can and engage as much as you can. Remember that there are plenty of opportunities to learn from and collaborate with highly competent colleagues, so expand your horizons and lean in. 

What is your typical day like? 

I don’t think I can say that I have any typical day – it varies so much! I collaborate with a lot of different stakeholders outside of my own team on various topics, so I get to be involved in multiple different projects, and be part of driving annual people processes as well as more data-driven work. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that no two days are alike and that I get to learn from multiple areas, SMEs and collaborate with so many from different teams across the Bank. 

Do you have any fun fact or words of wisdom you would like to share? 

I think the words I would like to share are some that I try to live by myself – dare to bring your perspectives, and don’t be afraid of failing – we all fail from time to time, but we learn a lot in the process and by giving it a try.

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