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Nordea Startup & Growth unit: "We grow startups"

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in the Nordic economies in terms of driving innovation and creating jobs. Our Startup & Growth unit specialises in serving high-growth companies and companies in their early stages looking for fast growth.
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Businesses are a major cornerstone of the society and an engine of economic growth. When new growth companies are founded in the Nordic countries that grow and thrive, the countries also thrives. Support entrepreneurs is a part of our community engagement work at Nordea, but also a successful part of our business banking unit. 

Our Startup & Growth unit specialises in serving high-growth companies and companies in their early stages looking for fast growth. We want to build long-term customer relationships and be the partner that supports businesses to grow and succeed throughout their life cycle. 

Speed dating with investors is one of our activities for entrepreneurs.

Investor Speed Dating

Nordea is a main partner of Slush, the world’s leading start-up event and community for entrepreneurs. Normally, the Slush event gathers 25,000 participants at the Helsinki event Exhibition Center and Nordea is arranging several events during the Slush days..

  • Our main activity in connection to Slush is Investor Speed Dating.
  • Due to the corona crisis, we have reworked our concept so we as main partner are able to offer a selection of both physical and online events for startups all over the Nordic countries.
  • This year we arranged more than 750 meetings helping entrepreneurs find the best possible match among potential investors.
  • 90 per cent of all startups at our speed date events get one or more investor meetings booked after the initial meeting.
Read more on the website of Slush

Facts from our unit in Finland:

  • We have been chosen by 75% of Finnish startups as their partner on their growth path. 
  • Our customers include 2,500 companies with a scalable business model across Finland. 
  • As many as half of our customers have taken a loan solution from us. 
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Word from a customer in Sweden:

We are fast growing company with operations all over the Nordics. Nordea Startup & Growth has changed our view on how a full service bank works. Finally we have a partner that also understands our business, a bank that is working with us and without so much hassle.

Martin Björnström, CEO and founder at LeaseCloud AB

Meet the entrepreneurs:

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