16-10-2020 09:29

Podcast: Ever heard about Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 refers to the upcoming fourth industrial revolution - a revolution that's urgently needed. Productivity growth in the G7 economies has collapsed in the past decade. A new industrial paradigm will be critical to revive growth, and we believe much of Industry 4.0 will be about business model innovation.
Working robots

In this podcast episode, Johan Trocmé, Director at Nordea Thematics, and Viktor Sonebäck, associate at Nordea Thematics, discuss the findings from their latest Nordea On Your Mind report, Industry 4.0.

The episode highlights how productivity growth has collapsed in the G7 economies in the past 10 years, and how a new industrial paradigm is needed to drive growth going forward. Internet connectivity is the big game changer, and we believe new efficiency gains will come from business model innovation. 

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