SE #4: “An incredible and unique experience” – see why!

27-08-2021 09:00

After eight weeks as summer interns at Nordea Markets in Stockholm, their internship has come to an end - and Sara and Mikaela are a bit sad to leave. "We have felt very welcomed here, and learned so much from day one. It's been such a great experience getting to know so many nice, helpful and super skilled people".

Left; Mikaela (24) studies Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH next to Sara (22), who’s in her third year of the Business and Economics bachelor at Uppsala University.

By Sara & Mikaela

At the time of writing, it is the last day of our internship. We’re a bit sad to leave, and it feels really strange to go after having spent the summer here at Nordea Markets, where we have felt very welcomed and learned so much from day one. It’s been such a great experience getting to know so many nice, helpful and super skilled people at Markets.

Now, it’s time for us to go back to school – (much) wiser! This internship has truly given us invaluable insight and a deeper understanding of the financial markets – knowledge, you can’t acquire at university.

A perfect ending

We spent our last weeks on the equity side of Markets, and more specifically in Securities Advisory and Equity Research.

At Securities Advisory, they create investment solutions including both equity and bonds. So, our case of the week was to construct a pension fund to a client. When structuring the portfolio, we took the current macro situation into consideration, and focused on creating a diversified portfolio including bonds, stocks and structured products.

We then moved on to Equity Research, where we were fortunate to get to assist on an ongoing case, which was really educational and fun. And a perfect ending to a great internship.

(Some of) The best things about the internship

It’s a bit difficult to summarise what have been the best parts of our experience as interns, because there’s been so many great things – but we’ve tried to sum it up:

  • Rotation: Having the opportunity to rotate between the different desks and learn from the diverse teams’ field of expertise, has been an incredible, unique experience. It also gave us a rare opportunity to investigate which part of the Markets business, we find the most interesting.
  • Weekly Cases: The arrangement with having us solve a specific business case every week, has been really valuable. The case set-up made us test our knowledge in the different fields, and we also got to practice our presentation skills, as we presented our findings and solution to senior employees and managers. When doing our first case presentation, we were quite nervous compared to last week’s final presentation, where we felt much more comfortable when presenting in front of an audience.
  • The people: It has been a luxury to meet all the different and highly experienced employees at Markets, who have taken the time to share their expertise and deep knowledge with us. Everyone we have met have been really welcoming, and more than happy to talk to us and help out, if needed. We have had many interesting and enlightening conversations with a lot of the Markets people, and hopefully, this is not the last time we get to meet.

Thank you all at Markets in Stockholm, for making our summer internship such a great experience – we hope to come back, one day!

So, we recommend everyone who are interested in finance, and curious to see what it’s like to work within a markets division, to apply for the internship at Nordea Markets. You are welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions.

/Mikaela Jansson and Sara Persson
Sara and Mikaela, hoping to come back to Nordea Markets one day.

Who knows, maybe Sara and Mikaela will be back with us at Markets some day – which has been the case with some of our previous interns. Who knows! It could be you!

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